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[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 11:34:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to see current Logged in Users in Linux

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2DayGeek: In this quick tutorial, we'll show you who are currently logged in to the Linux system.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 12:51:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Firefox 90 is Here with Some Small but Important Tweaks

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After last month’s major redesign, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that Firefox might take it easy with its latest update. With Firefox 90, the Mozilla has added a number of improvements mainly to the Windows version of its browser.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 13:52:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Use echo Command in Bash Scripts in Linux

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echo is a shell built-in command that is used to print the information/message to your terminal. It is the most popular command that is available in most Linux distributions and is typically used in bash scripts and batch files to print status text/string to the screen or a file.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 15:08:20 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Open source sustainable cities, AI on Arduino, supply chain security, and more

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Open source made it into a lot of news headlines last month. Read on to learn about some of the major advances.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 16:24:36 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Use XMLStarlet to parse XML in your the Linux terminal

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Learning to parse XML is often considered a complex venture, but it doesn[he]#039[/he]t have to be. XML is highly and strictly structured, so it[he]#039[/he]s relatively predictable. There are also lots of tools out there to help make the job manageable.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 17:40:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Use VS Code to develop in containers

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Coding and testing inconsistencies are a risk when you have multiple developers with different development environments working on a project. Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is an integrated development environment (IDE) that can help minimize these issues. It can be combined with containers to provide separate development environments for each application alongside a consistent development environment.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 18:57:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Linux Kernel 5.14 RC1 Released with Plethora of ARM Updates

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Linux Kernel 5.14 RC1 brings a good deal of new hardware support, we round up the new features in this kernel release in this post.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 20:13:21 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Data recovery of deleted files from the FAT filesystem

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Although FAT32 or FAT16 are very old file systems, which is reflected in their poor performance in comparison to other file system alternatives, they are still widely used by many electronic devices. Usually, these devices include USB sticks, digital cameras, camcorders and other peripheral storage devices.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 21:29:35 EDT from rss <>

Subject: CBL-Mariner Linux 1.0 Released by Microsoft, Here’s How to Install it

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CBL-Mariner 1.0 is the first stable release of this new Linux distro developed by Microsoft for internal use. Learn how to install it on VirtualBox.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 22:45:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: What is +ACY- doing in the data?

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Almost all the data files I audit are in UTF-8, but the files have often started out in other encodings. This can lead to some hilarious mojibake and loads of fun for me as I try to reverse the encoding conversion failures. Last week a file appeared with mojibake I'd never seen before.

[#] Tue Jul 13 2021 23:46:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Vagrant on Fedora 34

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Vagrant is a powerful tool for building and managing virtual machines in a development environment. In this guide, we will see how to install Vagrant on Fedora 34. Let us get started with this tutorial.

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 01:03:06 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Tiny mini-PC shows off Rockchip RK3566

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Firefly has launched a $79-and-up “Station M2” mini-PC that runs Linux or Android on the NPU-equipped Rockchip RK3566 with up to 8GB RAM and 128GB eMMC plus M.2 storage, WiFi/BT, 3x USB, GbE, and HDMI. When T-Chip Technology’s Firefly community project launched its ROC-RK3566-PC SBC based on the quad-core, Cortex-A55 Rockchip RK3566, it teased an […]

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 02:19:20 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Tails 4.20 Anonymous OS Released with Brand-New Tor Connection Assistant

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Tails, the amnesic incognito live system used by anyone who wants to stay anonymous online, has been updated today to version 4.20, a release that introduces a brand-new connection wizard for the Tor network.

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 03:35:34 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Best Linux Distros for 2021

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This tutorial is about the best Linux distributions for beginners and experienced users.

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 04:51:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install WordPress with Nginx on AlmaLinux 8

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WordPress is a free, open-source, and the world's most popular CMS. In this guide, we will show you how to install WordPress with Apache and Let's Encrypt SSL on AlmaLinux 8.

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 06:08:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors in Linux

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ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is an open-source office suite that is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS users. Freely distributed under the terms of AGPLv3, it combines three editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that are natively compatible with the Microsoft Office formats (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX).

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 07:24:20 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Setup CI/CD Workflow with GitHub Actions

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In this guide you are going to learn how to configure GitHub actions to make automated deployments to server once a push is made. We will setup SSH keys to authenticate with the server.

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 08:40:35 EDT from rss <>

Subject: What is the difference between a Linux container and an image?

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Context is the key to understanding how container engines understand the terms container and image.

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 09:41:35 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install WordPress on AlmaLinux 8

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WordPress is a free, open-source and one of the best content management systems around the world. It is based on PHP and uses MySQL/MariaDB as a database backend. It provides a simple and easier way to create a simple to advanced blog or website. It provides a web-based frontend to create and manage a website.

[#] Wed Jul 14 2021 10:57:51 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Akaunting Accounting Software on Ubuntu 20.04

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Written in PHP, Akaunting is a feature-rich and open-source online accounting software that allows users to manage finances and keep track of all the invoices, payments, and expenses, to mention just but a few of the financial-related tasks.

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