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[#] Wed Apr 28 2021 16:38:04 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How To Upgrade To FreeBSD 13 From FreeBSD 12

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The FreeBSD Team is recently announced the availability of FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE. This guide explains how to upgrade to FreeBSD 13 from FreeBSD 12.

[#] Wed Apr 28 2021 17:40:04 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Zellij Is A New Terminal Multiplexer Written In Rust

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Zellij is a new terminal workspace and multiplexer (like tmux and screen) written in Rust, available for macOS and Linux

[#] Wed Apr 28 2021 18:41:04 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Latest LibreOffice in Ubuntu Desktop

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LibreOffice is the most powerful, free, and open-source office productivity software suite, which is used by millions of users across the world due to its clean and easy-to-use interface with feature-packed tools that assist you to unleash your creativity and increase your productiveness.

[#] Wed Apr 28 2021 19:42:04 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to rebase to Fedora 34 on Silverblue

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Silverblue is an operating system for your desktop built on Fedora. It’s excellent for daily use, development, and container-based workflows. It offers numerous advantages such as being able to roll back in case of any problems. If you want to update to Fedora 34 on your Silverblue system, this article tells you how. It not only shows you […]

[#] Wed Apr 28 2021 20:43:04 EDT from rss <>

Subject: HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini Desktop PC – Hardware Acceleration in Firefox – Week 4

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This week’s blog looks at configuring the HP EliteDesk 800 G2 to use hardware acceleration when watching videos in Firefox. Hardware video acceleration lets the GPU decode/encode video, offloading the CPU and saving power. Linux distributions, by default, don’t enable hardware acceleration because it can cause issues on specific hardware.

[#] Wed Apr 28 2021 21:44:22 EDT from rss <>

Subject: MusE 4.0 Digital Audio Workstation Released with Tabbed UI, All New Dark Theme

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MusE, the open-source and free digital audio workstation (DAW) and audio sequencer software featuring support for both audio and MIDI, has been updated to version 4.0, a major release that introduces a new UI and many cool changes.

[#] Wed Apr 28 2021 22:47:06 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Share files between Linux and Windows computers

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If you work with different operating systems, it's handy to be able to share files between them. This article explains how to set up file access between Linux (Fedora 33) and Windows 10 using Samba and more

[#] Wed Apr 28 2021 23:48:06 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Fedora 34 Desktop Flavors Bring Latest Upgrades. What's New and Download Details.

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Fedora 34 desktop spins are here. With the release of the core Fedora 34 operating system, the official desktop flavors are also available for download. We take a look at what's new in this guide while giving you a sneak peek of the major desktops.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 00:49:53 EDT from rss <>

Subject: 5 ways to process JSON data in Ansible

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Exploring and validating data from an environment is a common practice for preventing service disruptions. You can choose to run the process periodically or on-demand, and the data you're checking can come from different sources: telemetry, command outputs, more

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 01:50:54 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Pleroma Social Network Platform on Ubuntu 20.04

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Pleroma is an open-source federated social networking platform, compatible with Mastodon and other ActivityPub platforms. This guide will show you how to create your own Pleroma instance by installing it on an Ubuntu 20.04 based server.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 02:51:53 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Sandwich-style SBCs extend i.MX8M and i.MX8M Mini

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Forlinx’s sandwich-style OKMX8MM-C SBC and OKMX8MQ-C SBC run Linux on the i.MX8M Mini and i.MX8M Quad, respectively. Common features include GbE, mini-PCIe, MIPI-DSI/CSI, and extensive audio I/O. Baoding City, China based Forlinx manufactures a variety of Arm/Linux compute modules, which it often supports with carrier boards to create sandwich-style SBCs. The company does not announce […]

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 03:52:54 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How To Enable SSH On FreeBSD

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This brief guide will walk you through the steps to configure and enable SSH for normal user as well as root user on FreeBSD.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 04:53:53 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Ubuntu 21.10 “Impish Indri” Is Slated for Release on October 14th, 2021

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With the release of Ubuntu 21.04 “Hirsute Hippo” hitting the streets last week, the time has come for the Ubuntu devs to focus on the next major release of their popular GNU/Linux distribution, Ubuntu 21.10.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 05:54:52 EDT from rss <>

Subject: University of Minnesota responds to Linux security patch requests

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The UMN wants to make peace with the Linux kernel developer community after an annoying Linux code security research blunder.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 07:11:08 EDT from rss <>

Subject: LFCA: Learn Cloud Availability, Performance, and Scalability – Part 14

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In the previous topic of our LFCA series, we gave an introduction to Cloud computing, the different types and Clouds, and cloud services and walked you through some of the benefits associated with Cloud computing.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 08:12:08 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Tails Devs Need Your Help to Test the New Tor Connection Wizard

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The developers of the privacy and security-focused Tails anonymous Linux OS have put out a call for testing for the new Tor Connection wizard that will be implemented in the upcoming Tails 4.19 release.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 09:28:23 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Defending Concepts, Defending Free Speech, Defending Society From Oppression

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The war on expression of perfectly lawful opinions is assured to lead to a regretful endgame; cui bono?

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 10:44:39 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Exa – A Modern Replacement for ls Command

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exa is a tiny, fast, and modern replacement for the ordinary ls command that comes pre-installed on all Unix and Linux operating systems. It is an enhanced file lister that ships with more advanced features and a more user-friendly version of ls.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 12:01:44 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Kdenlive 21.04 Released with Automatic Speech-to-Text and Improvements. Try Now!

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Kdenlive 21.04 release brings major updates and new features. We take a look at those and give you download details.

[#] Thu Apr 29 2021 13:19:00 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Encrypting and decrypting files with OpenSSL

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Encryption is a way to encode a message so that its contents are protected from prying eyes. There are two general types:read more

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