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[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 14:42:58 EDT from rss <>

Subject: They did it! PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition is live on PINE64 store

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A few months after their official collaboration with Manjaro, the PINE64 team announced, in the last few days, the availability of PINEPHONE Manjaro Community Edition smartphone for pre-order. And it has a killer feature!

[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 16:00:14 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Using network bound disk encryption with Stratis

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Learn how to use Stratis and Tang to manage disk encryption over the network at scale.

[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 17:16:30 EDT from rss <>

Subject: KDE neon Introduces Offline Updates, Puts an End to the Plasma LTS Edition

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The KDE neon developers recently announced the availability of offline updates for their rolling-release GNU/Linux distribution and the end of support for the KDE neon Plasma LTS Edition.

[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 18:33:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Understanding the Linux Virtual Directory Structure

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Have you ever wondered what makes up a Linux system? Here we go through the Linux virtual directory system and what is contained within.

[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 19:49:21 EDT from rss <>

Subject: IBM creates a COBOL compiler - for Linux on x86

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What’s this got to do with Big Blue's hybrid cloud obsession? Cloudifying COBOL ... until you repent and go back to z/OSIBM has announced a COBOL compiler for Linux on x86.…

[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 21:05:36 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Filter log file entries based on date range in Linux

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If you are facing difficulty while systematically reading log files. Then you are in the right place. Simple doing cat to read log file is a kind basic way to inspect log file. But when you want to filter data in an organized way based on time, then we use awk or grep. The awk is a popular command-line tool used to manipulate data in files and generate a report based on a given pattern in the Linux System. While grep is simple pattern tool that search pattern using a regular expression.

[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 22:38:57 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install VirtualBox in Different Linux Distributions

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Before installing Virtualbox, check if virtualization is enabled in BIOS. During bootup press the bios key and navigate through the bios option to enable/disable virtualization. Depending upon your machine product, the bios key may vary.

[#] Wed Apr 07 2021 23:24:53 EDT from rss <>

Subject: 10 Best Linux Laptops of 2021

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With the provision of installation media formats like ISO images and Live CDs, running new installations of operating systems is as easy as a walk on the beach, especially in cases with our favorite open-source desktop operating system, GNU/Linux.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 00:41:07 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Get started with batch files in FreeDOS

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On Linux, it[he]#039[/he]s common to create shell scripts to automate repetitive tasks. Similarly, on FreeDOS, the open source implementation of old DOS operating systems, you can create a batch file containing several FreeDOS commands. Then you can run your batch file to execute each command in order.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 01:59:24 EDT from rss <>

Subject: View Saved WiFi password in Ubuntu and Other Linux Tutorial

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This quick tutorial explains the steps to view saved WiFi password in Ubuntu and Other Linux.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 03:15:41 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Erlang Programming Language on Debian 10

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Erlang is a general-purpose programming language and runtime environment. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Erlang on Debian 10.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 04:31:54 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Setting up UEFI HTTP boot with libvirt

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Overcoming the limitations of TFTP when imaging by switching to UEFI and HTTP management

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 05:33:55 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Equinix Expanding Capabilities of Its Open Source Bare Metal Automation Platform Tinkerbell

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More enterprises are said to be taking interest in the platform now that it's been open sourced as a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 06:51:11 EDT from rss <>

Subject: A swarm in May is worth a load of hay, is it? JetBrains Code With Me collaborative programming tool released

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Swarm programming with audio, video, and everyone editing at once – what could go wrong? JetBrains today pushed out Code With Me, formerly in preview, a plugin to support remote collaborative coding, as well as updates to its Java and Ruby IDEs.…

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 08:07:26 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Best Password Managers For Linux

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Internet is the need of the hour. Everyone is trying to get on the Internet for making life easier for themselves and their loved ones. Today, nearly 60% of the World’s population uses the Internet. Nearly 8,75000 new Internet users connect to the Internet every day.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 09:23:40 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Why I love using bspwm for my Linux window manager

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Some folks like to rearrange furniture. Other folks like to try new shoes or redecorate their bedroom on the regular. Me? I try out Linux desktops. After drooling over some of the incredible desktop environments I[he]#039[/he]ve seen online, I got curious about one window manager in particular: bspwm.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 13:29:58 EDT from rss <>

Subject: MXLinux is the most downloaded Linux desktop distribution, and now I know why

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MXLinux. Have you heard of it? If you're an ardent supporter of Linux on the desktop, you probably have.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 14:50:43 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Hands-On with Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi 4: A Match Made in Heaven

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My search for the perfect operating system on the Raspberry Pi 4 computer continues today with Kali Linux, the famous distro dedicated to ethical hacking and penetration testing.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 16:06:58 EDT from rss <>

Subject: 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Windows To Linux

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Raise your hand if you have been experiencing countless Windows updates, virus attacks, malware, ransomware, being limited with everything, or just looking for some good options aside from Windows or Apple? If you’re out there looking for some answers, worry no more.

[#] Thu Apr 08 2021 17:07:58 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Protect external storage with this Linux encryption system

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Many people consider hard drives secure because they physically own them. It's difficult to read the data on a hard drive that you don't have, and many people think that protecting their computer with a passphrase makes the data on the drive unreadable.This isn't always the case, partly because, in some cases, a passphrase serves only to unlock a user session. In other words, you can power on a computer, but because you don't have its passphrase, you can't get to the desktop, and so you have no way to open files to look at more

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