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[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 10:26:01 EDT from rss <>

Subject: WordPress Hosting in Elastic Standalone Container

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If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for running small and medium-size projects with advanced features including a Web application firewall, Let’s Encrypt SSL, CDN, Redis cache then you can deploy WordPress in Elastic Standalone Container on RoseHosting Cloud platform.

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 11:42:15 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Fedora Linux 34 beta rolled out

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Red Hat[he]#039[/he]s new Fedora Linux beta features GNOME 40 for its desktop interface.

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 12:58:30 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Canonical Releases Another Ubuntu Linux Kernel Security Update to Fix 6 Flaws

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Canonical released today another Linux kernel security update for Ubuntu to address six vulnerabilities affecting the Linux 5.8 and 5.4 kernels of several Ubuntu releases.

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 14:17:40 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service. It offers tons of features and makes it easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place. What are the best open source alternatives?

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 15:34:55 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Build a to-do list app in React with hooks

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React is one of the most popular and simple JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces (UIs) because it allows you to create reusable UI components. Components in React are independent, reusable pieces of code that serve as building blocks for an application. React functional components are JavaScript functions that separate the presentation layer from the business logic. A

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 16:36:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Read and write files with Bash

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When you[he]#039[/he]re scripting with Bash, sometimes you need to read data from or write data to a file. Sometimes a file may contain configuration options, and other times the file is the data your user is creating with your application. Every language handles this task a little differently, and this article demonstrates how to handle data files with Bash and other POSIX shells.

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 17:53:04 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Krita 4.4.3 Released with Stability and Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes

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The Krita Foundation released today Krita 4.4.3 open-source and cross-platform digital painting software, a maintenance update that brings more bug fixes and performance improvements to Krita 4.4.

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 19:09:20 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Batch Convert PNG Images to JPG Format in Linux

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Although PNG offers a better image quality compared with JPG, the large size factor is usually a concern for Internet users. This is typically why PNG images are converted to JPG.

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 20:26:35 EDT from rss <>

Subject: The Linux Foundation and the TODO Group Announce Call for Proposals for OSPOCon and the OSPO Landscape

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OSPOCon is an event dedicated to creating better, more efficient open source ecosystems. SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2020 — The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, along with co-host the TODO Group, an open group of organizations who collaborate on practices, tools and other ways to run successful and effective […]The post The Linux Foundation and the TODO Group Announce Call for Proposals for OSPOCon and the OSPO Landscape appeared first on

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 21:42:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: PinePhone Beta Limited Edition Is Now Available for Pre-Order with Manjaro Linux

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PINE64 has kicked off today the pre-orders for its PinePhone Beta Limited Edition Linux-powered smartphone from $149.99 USD.

[#] Wed Mar 24 2021 22:59:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Open Source Initiative election hacked

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The open-source licensing organization is investigating the hack and will then re-do the election.

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 00:00:07 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Tired: Linux fans using the Edge browser. Wired: Linux fans using a Microsoft account to sign into the Edge browser

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And now the circle is complete. Sync is here for the wafer-thin Venn intersection of Linux users running the Edge browser and those who are happy to sign in using a Microsoft account.…

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 01:16:20 EDT from rss <>

Subject: GNOME 40 is out now with the redesigned Activities Overview

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GNOME 40 is out now to showcase the latest Linux desktop environment work from the GNOME Project, which includes a number of feature overhauls and improvements.

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 02:32:37 EDT from rss <>

Subject: qBittorrent 4.3.4 Drops Support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Supports Sub-Sorting in Transfer List

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qBittorrent 4.3.4 open-source and cross-platform BitTorrent client is out today for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows, with various new features and many bug fixes.

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 03:48:50 EDT from rss <>

Subject: GNOME 40 Released with Major Design Change. Here’s What’s New.

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The GNOME team announced the release of the GNOME 40 desktop environment with major design changes and many new features.

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 05:05:06 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Free software advocates seek removal of Richard Stallman and entire FSF board

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Richard Stallman's return to the Free Software Foundation's board of directors has drawn condemnation from many people in the free software community.

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 06:26:49 EDT from rss <>

Subject: GNOME 40 Desktop Environment Officially Released, This Is What’s New

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The GNOME Project officially released today the GNOME 40 desktop environment as the latest and greatest release of this popular graphical environment for GNU/Linux distributions.

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 07:32:15 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to protect documents with a digital signature in ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors v.6.2

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In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use a digital signature in ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to protect your documents. ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is a free open-source office suite that contains viewers and editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 08:49:30 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Fwupd 1.5.7 Adds Initial Support for BlueZ Bluetooth Devices, More Improvements

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Fwupd, Linux’s number one tool for updating firmware of your hardware, has been updated today to version 1.5.7, a maintenance release that adds various improvements and new features.

[#] Thu Mar 25 2021 12:07:46 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to identify potentially vulnerable network daemons on your Linux systems

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Identifying vulnerable network daemons for remediation and how attackers find vulnerable resources.

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