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[#] Tue Oct 30 2018 11:07:32 EDT from zooer

Subject: Room Info

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This room is for all the people who can not keep up on what they need to be angry about each week.  Facebook and Twitter do a great job at telling people what to be angry about but I don't have a social media account. 


These things change on a weekly basis, once the new outrage is posted the old one must be forgotten.  I do not wish to forget about the past outrage items, so I created this room to remember and keep track of them.

In the past:
A lion was shot in Africa.
A bathroom was labeled "women's" and a man dressed up as a woman used it.
The Confederate flag was bad.

If you remember any of the others please list them.

The outrage for the week of October 28, 2018: a former Olympian dressed up as a mentally challenged character from a movie.

[#] Wed Oct 31 2018 14:57:25 EDT from Harambe

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Hi everyone! I'm back! Did you all miss me?

[#] Thu Aug 08 2019 21:35:45 EDT from darknetuser

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I joined a web service. I discovered that the moderators were dicks and decided to leave. I told some people I was going to look for some other forum and asked them for ideas. The moderators started telling people not to talk to me because I was dangerous and I was trying to poach kids by taking them to unsafe forums and internet-raping them or something.