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[#] Sun Oct 21 2018 19:14:11 EDT from rss

Subject: Colibri - A Browser Without Tabs

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Almost all browsers are competing with each other in terms of functionality, speed, and performance. Though I did recently settle for Firefox as my default browser, I am still looking for a better options. And this quest of mine took me to Colibri - A Browser without Tabs. And I was really interested in finding out what this meant. How could a browser be without tabs? It’s like a car without wheels. So here is a review of Colibri.

[#] Sun Oct 21 2018 21:08:03 EDT from rss

Subject: Data Engine Technologies (DET) Just One Among Many Microsoft-Connected Patent Trolls That Pick on Microsoft's Biggest Competitors

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Lawyers' articles/blog posts continue to obscure the fact that Data Engine Technologies is merely a satellite or unit (one among many) of patent trolling giant Acacia Research Corp., connected to Microsoft and sporting a long history of lawsuits against GNU/Linux

[#] Sun Oct 21 2018 23:02:00 EDT from rss to C1 Released

Subject: Linspire 8.0 RC1 Released

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Today we are pleased to release RC1 of Linspire 8. As we approach our December release, huge strides in stability and functionality have been made with the release candidate. Even so, it should be used for testing only, not on production systems

[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 00:52:44 EDT from mazon Cloud

Subject: IPFire Hardened Linux Firewall Distribution Is Now Available on Amazon Cloud

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IPFire maintainer Michael Tremer announced the availability of a new version of the open-source hardened Linux firewall distribution and intrusion detection and prevention system.

[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 02:45:38 EDT from rss

Subject: What is an SRE and how does it relate to DevOps?

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Even though the site reliability engineer (SRE) role has become prevalent in recent years, many people—even in the software industry—don[he]#039[/he]t know what it is or does. This article aims to clear that up by explaining what an SRE is, how it relates to DevOps, and how an SRE works when your entire engineering organization can fit in a coffee shop.

[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 04:37:39 EDT from rss

Subject: Secure Apache with Let's Encrypt on Debian 9

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This tutorial will guide you through the process of obtaining a free Let’s Encrypt using the certbot tool on Debian 9. We’ll also show how to configure Apache to use the new SSL certificate and enable HTTP/2.

[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 06:30:15 EDT from rss

Subject: How to install the NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish Linux

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The objective of this article is to install the NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish Linux. This article will discuss three methods of Nvidia driver installation in the following order: 1. Automatic Install using standard Ubuntu Repository. 2. Automatic Install using PPA repository to install Nvidia Beta drivers. 3. Manual Install using the Official driver.

[#] Mon Oct 22 2018 08:24:11 EDT from rss

Subject: 5 tips for choosing the right open source database

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So, your company has a directive to adopt more open source database technologies, and they[he]#039[/he]ve recruited you to select the right direction. Whether you are an open source technology veteran or a newcomer, this is a daunting and overwhelming task.

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