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[#] Fri Mar 27 2020 13:57:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Wow, there's a lot of it. What I love about these older systems is that it's possible for a single person to understand the entire computer, from the hardware level all the way up through every level of the operating system.

I knew my C-64 with that level of understanding. I spent countless hours poring through books learning every hardware register on every chip and poking around (pun intended) to learn how it all worked. It's possible to understand Z-80 and CP/M at that level too. After around 1990 or so it started to become impossible for one person to understand the entire hardware/software stack of a modern computer.

Still thinking about this "post-apocalyptic computing" concept, though ... if we find ourselves in a world where chip fabs no longer exist, the VAST majority of "scrounged hardware", even in junk piles from before the collapse, will be at least 32 bit.

(Final note: if something like this happens, I want to die first.)

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