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[#] Mon Nov 04 2013 17:49:29 EST from triLcat

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thanks - mostly healed now...


[#] Mon Nov 04 2013 18:56:54 EST from fleeb

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Not sure why, but I misread that as: "mostly inhaled now..."

Glad you're feeling better.

[#] Fri Dec 20 2013 06:40:19 EST from fleeb

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I've been doing more video editing lately.

I record myself playing Minecraft, with commentary, and then do some video editing to handle a variety of little things, like maybe cut to more interesting parts, remove boring bits, speed various things up, etc.

I often find myself adding some text to the video, maybe to emphasize something that the commentary left out, or to make fun of my own commentary when I got some piece of information wrong or missed something entirely.

Adding text involved pulling up Gimp, writing out the text in that, adding any colors or effects or whatever, and then saving it as a PNG. I'd then use the NLE that I like (Lightworks) to pull in the graphic and position it where I want.

Today, I learned that Lightworks actually has a Title effect where I don't have to do all of that anymore (unless I want to use a graphic effect on the text that the built-in title effect doesn't have).

Mostly, though, I am getting a lot better at video editing. That's the small achievement.

I have two examples of my improved video editing skills:

Fighting an ender dragon (inexpertly, in my case):

And this video, at about 5 minutes in, I did something that required an insane amount of effort:

[#] Fri Dec 20 2013 06:41:31 EST from fleeb

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If you follow the videos from the beginning, you can see how I'm gradually improving the editing skills. I'm getting smoother, less clunky.

[#] Fri Dec 20 2013 18:54:16 EST from zooer

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Small Achievement for me: After not being able to keep my insurance be it was canceled I had to go through the
exchanges and sign up for Obama'scare. After several weeks I was finally able to do so. Had to go through a
bunch of shit to get there, some of it scary. I was told several different things while trying to sign up. I
have a confirmation number but the insurance company has not sent me anything.

What I achieved was an upset stomach and a headache that lasted for a few weeks.

What I got in return is a better health care plan but more expensive. I could have gone with a cheaper plan
with a much, much higher deductible. (3x)

speaking of ducks...

[#] Sat Dec 21 2013 06:12:26 EST from fleeb

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Yeah, this health insurance shit shows that nobody knows what the fuck they're doing in Washington.

[#] Sat Dec 21 2013 07:39:55 EST from zooer

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This was the New Yawk exchanges, that was someone better than the national registry. I had some
questions, each time I called I wanted to confirmed the answers to those questions, I was told three different
I also have some information out there that they are telling me is wrong but no one can confirm or tell me what
is incorrect.

So nobody in Washington government knows what they are doing, no one at the state government knows what they are
doing and the insurance companies I spoke with are also confused. I have spoken with my doctor's offices and
gotten conflicting "I think..." answers to my questions.

No one knows what is going on. but hey at least I have a confirmation number that may or may not do me any

[#] Sat Dec 21 2013 17:31:35 EST from Sig

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Rarely have I been glad to have TriCare.

[#] Wed Jan 29 2014 23:55:53 EST from Sig

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The E7th seal has been officially broken. The Army's mail system recognizes me as a Sergeant First Class.

[#] Thu Jan 30 2014 07:52:30 EST from fleeb

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Gratz! That's no mean feat.

[#] Thu Jan 30 2014 15:52:15 EST from triLcat

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[#] Thu Jan 30 2014 18:41:04 EST from Ladyhawke

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W00t - Grats, Sig!

[#] Thu Jan 30 2014 20:13:47 EST from Sig

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Of course, the Army giveth and the Army taketh away. My base pay went up by $340 per month (taxed). However, they decided to reinterpret the basic allowance for housing rules (again) so that dropped by $260 per month (untaxed).
Net gain of $80 per month. Huzzah?

Oh well, not like I got into this to get rich. And it could be worse; they could retroactively collect the "overpayment" based on their new understanding.
This isn't the first time this has happened.

[#] Fri Jan 31 2014 07:47:38 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Sig, I've just gotta say that I am more than pleased that some of my tax dollars are going your way.  It's one of the few good things they do with the money they rob from me every month.

[#] Tue Feb 04 2014 21:51:12 EST from Ladyhawke

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Seconded.  I, for one, appreciate you sitting on that wall so that I can continue to enjoy my freedom to marvel at the ever rising stupidity of government from afar (among other things).  

[#] Thu Feb 06 2014 14:02:05 EST from triLcat

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Yes, having a proper standing army is one of the top reasons for income tax being a necessary evil.

Plus army people rock!! 

I grew up on Fort Benning, Fort Sill, and Fort Dix... :)

[#] Fri Feb 07 2014 01:01:14 EST from vince-q

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Fort Dix is (literally) a stone's throw from where I lived in Browns Mills NJ prior to my retirement and move to The Mountain here in northern California. My house was on Ridge Road right near where you'd cut through the woods (on a paved road) about 300' to end up on Ft. Dix Upper Range Road.

[#] Sat Feb 08 2014 18:18:27 EST from dothebart

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so me got a sony vario pro 13.

If folded, its thinner than a macboc airs keyboard base.

Its by far the most light thing with a full hd display and a usable computer attached I've ever put my hands on.

now... the only problem is... how to get rid of the winsux8 and get some useable OS boot on that.

(using the windows 8 ui I now somewhat know how my technical learning resistant mom in the 60'ies feels when working with a computer - and I think thats the problem many people have with this...)

[#] Sun Feb 09 2014 07:12:08 EST from the_mgt

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Sounds great, but the only problem is, that it is a Sony. I have long stopped buying any of their hardware, everything but my PlayStation I had sever faults within the first two years. And the playstation stopped working properly, too. Discs would stop to load, until you tried to turn the whole PS around.

Other people had similar issues. Especially with the joints where the display connects to the notebook base.

Wishing you look, though.

[#] Sun Feb 09 2014 16:55:57 EST from dothebart

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hehe, kernel compile makes it sound like an ice trains hunting through tunnels at 250 km/h, but otherwise its all quiet.

yes, definitely the most beautifull & powerfull notebook I owned yet.

AND - kernel compile done after 20 minutes? whew.

if its edges weren't that sharp you could easily throw it ower to peers - its like floating and hardly weighting anything.

lets see how long the a little flexible carbon body lives - sony says its intended to flex.

its speakers point from the backside into the screen - so you sort of hear a reflection - realy fancy cool sound, as if it would come from the display.

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