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[#] Mon May 12 2014 11:30:50 EDT from fleeb

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Maybe... it's a google account, so I could perhaps look in there.

[#] Mon May 12 2014 11:31:43 EDT from fleeb

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Yeah, that was the problem... grrr... they do a really good job of keeping out the spam. So good, I forget to check it if I don't get a message.

[#] Mon May 12 2014 11:44:31 EDT from mo

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Doh!  yeah mine too! :) So there is nothing wrong with their account creation script!


[#] Tue May 13 2014 13:40:04 EDT from mo

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Mon May 12 2014 11:31:43 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

Yeah, that was the problem... grrr... they do a really good job of keeping out the spam. So good, I forget to check it if I don't get a message.

fleeb: you might be interested in the discussion on mono about there emails ending up in googles spam folder.

From the main menu ( Esc-g from anywhere on the bbs ) use the 'keypath': <IDU> to read the discussion.


The head admin voiced his concerns that their mail was sending up in gmail spam folders, and a few others have added their comments, the last one as of now is from the main author of the 'new account script'.


Another person posted a good link for this type of issue:

Interesting! I was going to tell them about another BBS that knows a thing or two about email actually ;)

[#] Wed May 14 2014 08:41:58 EDT from fleeb

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I haven't been able to get into the conversations or anything... I lack so much time to do much of anything, and Monochrome requires a lot of time to work into it (for someone like me, accustomed to Uncensored).

I may check that out, though. I can certainly let them know of the troubles I've experienced, heh.

[#] Wed May 14 2014 15:09:22 EDT from mo

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Yes i can understand that, mono took me a while to get my head round even with a little time. It's just so different to anything else i have seen.

I hope no-one took it the wrong way when i asked about a second text client on a citadel installation? I was curious to know whether you could even have an alternative text client. The citadel bbs/text client is very good indeed, its super-fast and easy to navigate, and has a great history, and is a modern forum for a very forward looking bunch of people - it seems.

If i had got an account on this citadel way back i might not have such a menu fetish? :)

[#] Wed May 14 2014 15:16:30 EDT from fleeb

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Heh... maybe not!

I love its economical approach. It isn't so 'simple' as to force you to endure a ridiculous amount of work understanding it, but it isn't so loaded down that you struggle to navigate the system. It's... time tested?

[#] Wed May 14 2014 15:21:43 EDT from mo

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Citadel you mean?

[#] Wed May 14 2014 16:10:07 EDT from mo

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Yes i think your right, i'm just getting used to it.

[#] Wed May 14 2014 18:22:34 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Many of us have lived the telnet client for Citadel for more years than manuy users have been alive.

[#] Thu May 15 2014 08:13:45 EDT from Freakdog <>

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mo: If you press the "x" button, it takes you out of "Expert Mode" and presents you with a menu.

[#] Thu May 15 2014 08:31:07 EDT from fleeb

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Yes, Citadel.

It really is time-tested. This interface has been in active use (in one way or another) since the early 80s (I think), back before the Internet was really a thing for the average schmo.


It has undergone many different iterations as well, from its original roots as the CP/M BBS program it was to the POSIX collaberative software (with support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and I think NNTP soon) that it is today. Versions were written for Amiga, MS-DOS, and probably some other OSes (waas there an Atari version?).

[#] Thu May 15 2014 13:08:13 EDT from mo

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So "Save the Text Client" is a misnomer right? It seems it doesn't need to be saved, it's well used still by alot of people? I see that a packet radio network covering, what looks like, the whole of Minnesotta is using citadel and the text client which is great.


Is the text client still a stand alone BBS or do you do the admin dirty work via citserver (BBS that is not email, like handling user accounts etc)?

I could set up a citadel installation with just citserver and the text client then, i take it? B)


The one thing i like about the menu system BBS is that it is a full screen UI - so each room/conversation thread etc i can see as i would on a web forum - and even navigate much quicker than a web forum very large rooms/convo's - ( like going to a specific message, percentage of messages etc - and also doing regex type searches) . How do you search a large volume of messages like this with the text client?



[#] Thu May 15 2014 13:33:47 EDT from fleeb

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Heh, it's kind of a misnomer. People get passionate sometimes about the txt client, preserving or extending features within it, not ignoring it in favor of Webcit, etc.

The text client is not a stand-alone BBS... it's a client that connects to the BBS server on Citadel's own port. Yes, you can build the text client on a completely different machine and connect to Uncensored with it. In fact, Uncensored (if IG hasn't changed anything) simply has the bbs account use the text client as its shell, so when you connect as 'bbs', it automatically runs the client, configured to go to the localhost server.

I forget the status of searches here, but I recall the original Citadel had a very elegant search facility that allowed you to make extremely sophisticated search across the entire message base (spanning rooms). I suspect the current Citadel isn't quite so powerful (it was relatively easy to do something like that when you weren't actually using a real database, just a blob holding all of the messages). But, you can probably figure out how to do it with the . commands. Let me see...

[#] Thu May 15 2014 13:35:27 EDT from fleeb

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Hrm... not sure this version of Citadel has that feature.

Still, try this sometime for something to potentially blow your mind:


[#] Fri May 16 2014 07:52:11 EDT from mo

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Pretty cool! B)  I can see all the help dot commands and easily see their second keypress. I notice it's pretty easy to get to rooms aswell without all the typing B) . 

[#] Fri May 16 2014 08:50:43 EDT from fleeb

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And you can create your own discussion areas if you don't see a room that quite matches the area of discussion you wish to have.

[#] Fri May 16 2014 09:58:39 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Heh, it's kind of a misnomer. People get passionate sometimes about

the txt client, preserving or extending features within it, not
ignoring it in favor of Webcit, etc.

I don't remember who created this room, but the word "save" in the title is kind of tongue-in-cheek. But, as fleeb pointed out, the text client is just that -- a client. All of the application logic, security, storage, etc. happens on the Citadel Server. The text client connects to Citadel Server using the *exact* same client protocol that WebCit uses to connect to Citadel Server.

This architecture guarantees that everyone gets the same content regardless of which (I hate this word) "experience" they choose to access it.

[#] Fri May 16 2014 11:09:24 EDT from fleeb

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[#] Fri May 16 2014 13:27:12 EDT from zooer

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I want to think different!

Don't save the text client.... change the text client!

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