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[#] Sat May 09 2015 22:46:30 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It took me a minute of waiting for the bird to "do something funny" before I realized it's a live feed.

[#] Thu Sep 03 2015 02:45:09 EDT from dothebart

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Taking space from cars for citizens:

A gallery of such transformations.

[#] Sat Sep 05 2015 23:38:35 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Most of the transformations shown are very nice.

I wonder, though, if anyone's bothered to perform studies on the traffic impact of having narrower or fewer roads.  Are the surrounding areas now packed with traffic all the time?

[#] Sun Sep 06 2015 15:02:58 EDT from dothebart

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there are some things about traffic... Throughput of a road is at its maximum < 50 km/h - so if want _all_ people to arrive soon, put the speed down.

The average speed middled across all participants in colognes traffic is 23 km/h - and cars don't make it bend upwards ;-) I really like this special speed comparison: (you will find the places fammiliar ;-)

And, if you prepare the bed for cars, they're going to come. if you make places for people, cars will stay away.

Another nice thing about that traffic policies is how in groeningen traffic lights became more and more obsolete, and have been removed :]



[#] Thu Oct 22 2015 16:25:46 EDT from dothebart

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the peta is gonna like this:

Seagullparade on the way home ;-)

[#] Fri Nov 13 2015 08:43:49 EST from dothebart

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Woodpecker collects goodies in Antenna...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2015 12:26:59 EST from zooer

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Arguments of whether it was a woodpecker or a squirrel, my guess is a squirrel, a very radiated squirrel. 


[#] Thu Nov 19 2015 02:46:02 EST from dothebart

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roadbike tour yesterday.

the two other guys are doing a very fast pace - i've got a hell of a job to keep up.

2/3rd of the tour is done, we're stopping at the red lights of a highway exit

Suddenly my vision turns black.


Adrenaline rushes up (even more) I mentally prepare to drop on the pavement.

Then the bat flaps on.

[#] Thu Nov 19 2015 11:35:35 EST from vince-q

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Then the bat flaps on.

ah, die fledermaus fliegt an....

[#] Fri Dec 18 2015 19:52:04 EST from dothebart

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whew. December. 9 to 15 degrees celsius.

rather dry road conditions.

a nice 140 km track with 2k hm climbs at an average of 22 km/h and a day off:


[#] Sat Dec 19 2015 10:24:21 EST from zooer

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whew, December 50°-60°
85± mile track, one mile climbs, 13 mph average and a day off.


damn hippies and their base ten measurement system.  Long live the duodecimal system!

[#] Sat Dec 19 2015 13:01:07 EST from zooer

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Sure, miles is base ten but I still think we should be on the Duodecimal system.


[#] Wed Mar 09 2016 20:35:35 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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It will confuse everyone so that they can never count again, but it gives you library book indexing for free.

[#] Fri Jul 01 2016 08:14:54 EDT from zooer

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Now that "fireworks" are legal in some counties in NY is Mr. Foobar going to get some so his children can see how unexciting a snake firework is?

By "legal fireworks" in NY I am talking about:  
 Sparkling fountains,
 sparklers on wooden sticks (but not metal sticks),
 smoke bombs,
 confetti-filled party poppers,
 paper-wrapped snappers

[#] Fri Jul 01 2016 12:50:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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If I were willing to break the law, I would make a quick trip over to Connecticut and buy my fireworks there, illegally transport them across state lines, and illegally detonate them at home, much to the delight of my family, who loved it when we didn't do that last year. Now that I think about it, I must remember to not do that again this year.

[#] Wed Jul 13 2016 09:48:03 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Or you could be in connecticut and fire them off at a convenient location there.

[#] Wed Jul 13 2016 13:29:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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What I ended up not doing was, I didn't drive to Connecticut, and I didn't buy any fireworks there. Then I didn't put on a mini display for my family, including my two nieces who didn't spend the weekend with us.

If I did put on a display, which I didn't, I would have chosen fountains rather than mortars; since I'm inexperienced with fireworks (since I live in NY where they're illegal) I figured I'd start with something that didn't rocket itself into the air.

And of course I didn't buy sparklers. The kids really enjoyed not waving those around.

Hopefully all of this will be legal next year, and I'll consider getting a bunch of mortars in pipes with electric ignition, and the whole show pre-programmed into a Raspberry Pi. But only if it's legal by then.

[#] Tue Mar 21 2017 19:34:26 EDT from LoanShark

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broke my frickin leg skiing - maisonneuve fx of the fibula (distal and proximal) which means I've probably got some separated ligaments and other assorted connective tissue leading to an unstable ankle.

will know more after Thursday's ortho appt. f!@k

[#] Tue Mar 21 2017 22:49:46 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Ouch LS.. And as we all get older, that stuff just doesn't heal the same way.

[#] Wed Mar 22 2017 14:15:15 EDT from LoanShark

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As I get older, that stuff is more likely to happen again since I've packed on quite a few pounds. (Believe it or not.)

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