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[#] Wed May 19 2021 10:25:14 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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Wed May 19 2021 07:19:58 EDT from Nurb432

"A lot changed due to that war."


Wed May 19 2021 12:07:40 AM EDT from ParanoidDelusions

Oh... we may have been off-track. 

But that was the event that was the catalyst for the centralization of Federal authority and the erosion of independent State rights that got us where we are today. 

Things *could* have gone another way. They didn't. 


Tue May 18 2021 18:12:22 EDT from Nurb432

Ah, yes i can see how one would think that.  A lot changed due to that war.

But many of us believe we lost our way far earlier, and that entire mess was just a result of that drift. 




[#] Sun Aug 15 2021 14:39:30 EDT from msgrhys

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Long time ago I pulled up a trot line from a river we never caught fish from and there was one catfish on it which proceeded to flip off the hook and roll back into the water. It must have been the only fish in the river, LOL!

[#] Fri Aug 27 2021 14:27:25 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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So, I have mixed emotions about this YouTube video:

I wish the Democrats hadn't made me such a cynic - because the girl is obviously bad-ass, loves shredding on the skins, and has an incredible presence when she is doing what she loves. 

But it is hard for me to believe that this is organic and unscripted. It fits too many of the narratives of the Left to perfectly. 

It breaks down gender stereotypes - a girl can't play the drums.

It breaks down ethnic stereotypes - black people don't like hard rock and can't shred as good at it as white folks. 

It breaks down age stereotypes. 

And the fact that Dave Ghrol has been doing this "bring an unknown on the stage and have them blow away the audience with their professional level skills," thing for so long further erodes its credibility. It almost seems as if every other example before was building up to *this* - that *this* wouldn't have been believable without the previous performances by more "believable" guest amateur appearances. 

The fact that the Foo Fighters consistently play Democrat functions, fund-raisers, and other events further destroys the believability that this isn't a full scripted, fully planned, fully rehearsed performance constructed *intentionally*. 

That it is just bread and circuses, theater to push more of the agenda of critical race theory and identity politics. 

But even cynically *knowing* all of these things - the performance is still moving. It is what the Right is up against - something that your rational brain tells you is all just a show - not *really* real... 

That the Democrats went out and scoured for the best young black female drummer they could find in the country, and then spent endless resources to make her even better, specifically at this song, then arranged with Ghrol and the Foo Fighters to have her do exactly this, well-staged guest performance, to be captured and distributed, just believably enough with a shaky, badly framed phone camera to add authenticity to it. This girl is really no different than a Chinese gymnast who had the entire mechanism of the state focused on making sure that she was the *best* example the nation could produce at any cost - not just economic ones, but psychological and developmental ones, too. 

This girl has been turned into a propaganda machine for the American Left. She'll do guest appearances on late night TV. She'll be at rallies. She'll be made into a celebrity to promote the agenda of the political Left at any cost - and she'll be rewarded, her family will be rewarded, for her sacrifice. But she'll probably give up everything a child should genuinely experience in the process. 

Another Greta Thunberg. The left weaponizes children to achieve their political goals. 


[#] Sat Aug 28 2021 13:58:19 EDT from test2

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Another Greta Thunberg. The left weaponizes children to achieve their political goals.


Just because you have ParanoidDelusions doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

[#] Sat Aug 28 2021 14:37:16 EDT from Nurb432

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But, is it delusional if you are right?



Sat Aug 28 2021 01:58:19 PM EDT from test2


Just because you have ParanoidDelusions doesn't mean they're not out to get you.


[#] Sat Aug 28 2021 17:27:28 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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There is a word for what they're doing... a big $10 word - that is on the tip of my tongue - but I can't verbalize it. Using people with complete disregard for their humanity - the most contemptible and deceptive exploitation of people. 

And it is worse because in many cases the people signing up for this, signing their children up for this - think they're doing a GOOD thing, the RIGHT thing. 

Not a lot about humanity's inhumanity to man bothers me a lot - but this kind of thing is so base and evil - in part because it exploits your desire to want it to be true... 

I just find that I can't come up with the words to fully express my revulsion to it. 

[#] Mon Aug 30 2021 14:40:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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If they wanted the real thing they would have brought in Sina.