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[#] Mon Jan 30 2023 17:17:53 EST from Nurb432

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And bonus, a new album released about a week later.. 


Its not for everyone but if you liked the Breeders, its nice to have them back, in effect.

Tue Jan 24 2023 06:33:24 PM EST from Nurb432

Ran across a band by accident today: "R.Ring"


[#] Wed Feb 15 2023 17:21:31 EST from Nurb432

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Booooo screaming females new release on the 17th ( my bday ), and i pre-ordered a signed copy of the CD as soon as it was availble to do so.

it shipped today but no download yet, not until midnight the 17th.....  AND they dropped a video on YT to tease us fans

[#] Fri Feb 17 2023 07:33:48 EST from Nurb432

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so some fool got up at 12:15 to download an album.

if you like them, you will like this.  Its not rose mountain level, but its good.

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