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[#] Wed Jun 28 2023 08:16:46 EDT from Nurb432

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Yes. Here.. but 99% of the world: Clueless.

Tue Jun 27 2023 04:05:48 PM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar
 Most people here are tech savvy enough to know how to keep backups, and to avoid trusting clown services to retain your data long term. Follow the 3-2-1 rule of backups and you'll be fine.


[#] Fri Jun 30 2023 11:37:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yes. Here.. but 99% of the world: Clueless.

I don't care about the 99%. They're just listening to music-industry manufactured crap.

[#] Sat May 04 2024 22:53:43 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Earphones for stage use

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I've got a couple of different sets of headphones, some wired, some wireless.
I'm in conference calls every day and lately I don't even bother with the headphones -- the noise canceling in most software is good enough now that I just turn on the speakers and use my studio condenser microphone, and no one hears any echo, and I can work in open air.

On stage I have a different problem. I can't hear my keyboard and my vocals without a monitor. I think I've been through a dozen different sets of earphones, including some pretty decent in-ear monitors with multiple drivers. I just can't tolerate anything that plugs my ears like the typical earbuds. I have a lot of wax in my ears and those things just push it further in unless I've just cleaned my ears. And I really can't tolerate not having the open air of the room.

For years I loved my Audio-Technica EC7's but eventually they wore out. What I eventually settled on after trying a lot of different things was just a basic set of "sports earphones". They have an open-air design with the drivers facing the side of your ear canal, and they have ear loops to keep them from falling out. I don't care how it looks -- they WORK.

I just need to remember to take them off or unplug them when I get off the keyboard bench. :)

[#] Sun May 05 2024 10:35:37 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: Re: Earphones for stage use

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I cant do the kind of buds that go IN the ear.  Only the ones that sort of sit on the inside of the earlobe. Like what came with the original ipods. But, even that is limited time.   Real headphones, if they touch my ears, it gives me a migraine in no time. If they are HUGE and dont touch the ears, then i can last longer..  Been like that my entire life. 

Conference calls, are a literal pain for me. One main downside of everything being 'remote' now.   ( another is when i teach class. its just not the same when i cant see people expressions, or walk around the room and interact with them and their screen and point.. )

I tried those vibration things once at the office, but that was right before we lost our cube walls and they dont work well with a lot of 'background noise' so never did find out if it reduced pain. ( lost them soon after ). Tho now, i sort of do that with the little headset i have now. I put the speakers on my cheeks, just off the ear and turn them up.  I can last a bit longer before i want to die. 

Wanted to build a "nerurophone" since the 80s.   it uses electrical signals instead of actual audio waves or vibrations . wont be stereo or at the same quality level, but it wont hurt my head at least.  You can buy them these days i guess, but they are like 700 bucks... 

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