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Racism in the Age of Obama

I hate Facebook.

But you knew that already. I think it's a gigantic pile of crap. It's a mile wide and an inch deep, and it's impossible to have a truly deep discussion of any topic there. A few months ago, however, I allowed myself to be assimilated into Mr. Zuckerberg's present-day incarnation of The Borg, mainly because I have a number of friends who are pretty much unreachable anywhere else.

On my very first day in the Facebook cesspool I was friended by one particular chap that I knew in college. We never really got along all that well, but we ran with the same crowd so we both did what we could to make it work. Most of the time, anyway. For the purpose of this discussion, let's call him "Tim," -- partially because it's convenient to type, but also because that happens to be his real name. I won't mention his last name or whereabouts because I generally try not to do the libel thing, and he's not a public figure; he's a private citizen.

I use the term "citizen" loosely, though, beause he doesn't really deserve to possess citizenship in the United States of America, a country founded upon ideals of freedom and liberty. Tim was born in America, but he doesn't act like an American. He seems to have a deep yearning to live in the bad old days of Soviet Russia. You see, Tim is a communist.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that he is a big supporter of B. Hussein Obama, who was the most extreme far-left member of Congress until the "perfect storm" of 2008 set the stage for his selection as the new occupant of the White House. It's not a stretch to say that he's the worst president ever. I was no fan of his predecessor (indeed, Mr. Bush did certain things that I consider completely unforgivable and I will hold them against him indefinitely) but his transgressions are small compared to those of Comrade Obama.

During the election, it was fashionable and convenient for the Looney Left to assert that anyone who had any criticism of Comrade Obama, or his wife (who built her entire career taking advantage of affirmative action programs) is a racist. To some degree, this still holds true today. They believe that no matter how badly the Obamas damage our nation, no matter how obviously their interests are in line with those of our enemies, no matter how much they continue to deliberately attempt to turn our free nation into a socialist republic, if you say something critical ... by golly, you're a bigoted throwback from the 1950's who just hates black people!

I got no shortage of this line of accusations from Tim yesterday, who decided that I was a dentally-challenged redneck KKK member because I had the audacity to assert that Michelle Obama is ugly. Yes, you heard that right, kids: I think she's ugly. I think she's really ugly. No, Tim, I didn't say that black women are ugly, although I'm sure that's the way you heard it. I said that Michelle Obama is ugly. She looks like a rabid monkey. There are plenty of beautiful black women out there. Michelle Obama is not one of them. The left-leaning mainstream media may try to paint her as some sort of idyllic Betty Crocker, but we know that she's ugly on the outside and on the inside. And because she's evil she isn't entitled to the nice treatment.

Despite the fact that I haven't seen Tim in nearly 20 years, he seems to think he knows everything about me, how I think, how I conduct myself in real life, and what makes me tick. He couldn't be further from the truth. Now, it's true that you will hear "I am not a racist" from people who truly do have some serious bigotry problems, but I like to think that my record speaks for itself. I follow Dr. King's ideal of putting people's virtues ahead of their race. It works in both directions. During my career I have worked with, under, and over people of a number of different races, and many have been both great relationships and great friendships. More importantly, they know exactly where I stand on race issues. They know that I have strong opinions, but that I'm respectful and friendly to everyone until they give me a reason not to be. They also know that I'm brutally intolerant of hypocrisy and laziness. This includes people like Michelle Obama who try to turn everything into a race issue.

Tim gave up on the debate. As far as I'm concerned, he conceded. He also de-friended me on Facebook, which is fine with me because most of his updates were mere shameless self-promotion of his company or some weird exercise program he's endorsing because it has a pyramid MLM attached to it. He's always been an easy sell, which is probably why Comrade Obama's siren song of "hope and change" appealed to him, even though it was (and still is) based around lies.

You really have to wonder what color the sky is in some people's worlds. But one of the few things I do like about Facebook is that I can taunt people who are way too thin-skinned and easily offended. It doesn't matter much to me, because if it makes them hate Facebook, so what? Maybe they'll realize how banal and vacuous it really is.

Posted by IGnatius T Foobar on Sat Jan 30 2010 13:52:00 EST
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