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Until the "2.0 DRM" is removed, GOODBYE KEURIG.

Dear Keurig,

Ever since becoming the owner of a Keurig coffee maker a few years ago, I have been a happy customer.  As I am the only coffee drinker in my home, I find it very convenient to brew single servings of coffee throughout the day when I want them, instead of having to brew an entire pot at a time.  Your product is innovative and changed the face of the industry.  Over these few years I've sampled many of the coffee pod selections sold or licensed by Green Mountain and have enjoyed many of them.

When the patents on the K-Cup form factor expired, it was obvious that third parties would begin manufacturing compatible pods and brewers.  It should have also been clear that as the inventor and leader in this form factor, Keurig products would continue to lead the industry.  Instead, however, you chose to deploy an abusive tactic in your "Keurig 2.0" brewers that simply locks out all pods manufactured by producers who have not paid a licensing fee to your company.  This is beyond disappointing; it is beneath contempt.

I am writing to let you know that I stand with a growing multitude of customers who refuse to ever purchase a "Keurig 2.0" product.  When my existing brewer reaches the end of its service life, I will replace it with an unlicensed, third-party manufactured brewer that happily brews licensed or unlicensed pods.

Furthermore, I will no longer purchase Keurig licensed pods, even the brands I had purchased and enjoyed in the past.  I have identified a number of roasters who are not participating in your draconian licensing program, and will purchase their products instead.  In fact, due to your monopoly abuse, I have discovered that several roasters whose products are quite good, sell their pods at a substantially lower price than Keurig licensed pods.

Keurig, the quality of your product should stand on its own.  I implore you to remove the draconian restrictions from your products before your reputation as an innovator of quality products is replaced by a reputation as an abusive monopolist.  The latter will happen if you continue on your current path.

This is an open letter.  I will be posting it to social media sites and I encourage anyone reading it to spread it around.

Posted by IGnatius T Foobar on Sun Feb 22 2015 14:13:34 EST
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wizard of aahz  says:  Mon Feb 23 2015 09:31:49 EST
One too many usages of the word Draconian.. Otherwise it sends a reasonable message.

IGnatius T Foobar  says:  Mon Feb 23 2015 11:31:05 EST
I am offended by your draconian criticism of my word choices. I have a limited vocabulary that I am able to use when the flamethrower is not out. I'd rather use the flamethrower but I made a strategic choice to use the poison pen instead this time. We'll see what happens. The flamethrower probably achieves better results ... or at least more satisfying results.

wizard of aahz  says:  Mon Feb 23 2015 13:09:02 EST
flamethrower can also help melt snow and ice from ninja'd driveways.

nristen  says:  Tue Mar 03 2015 17:20:21 EST
Have you seen how to "hack" the 2.0? Cut out the DRM barcode and tape it right under the scanner. Just search for this on Youtube. Although I do understand and support the idea of boycotting the company based on principle.

IGnatius T Foobar  says:  Tue Mar 03 2015 21:30:26 EST
Right. The hack is easy, and good if you're stuck with a locked-down machine.
But buying a locked-down machine and defeating the protection does not discourage KKKeurig from continuing to manufacture HitlerBrewers.

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