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It's time to retire Ronald McDonald.

Let's face it, folks: clowns are creepy.

No one likes clowns anymore.  They are an antiquity of the 20th century, when adults and children alike found them funny and entertaining.  That just isn't the case anymore.

(Image credit: Matthew Inman,

That being the case, why does McDonald's still have the creepy clown Ronald McDonald as its mascot?  

Doesn't everyone know that someone who looks like this is an obvious child molester?

It is obviously time for Ronald McDonald to retire.  Unfortunately, when I did a web search for "Retire Ronald McDonald," instead of seeing a bunch of people who agree with this sentiment, I instead found an obnoxious campaign by a bunch of nanny-state activists complaining that the McDonald's mascot is bad because they are marketing directly to children.  So what?  My kids don't decide when we eat at McDonald's.  That decision is always made by me, and/or their mother, and we feed our children a balanced diet.  Sometimes we go out, and sometimes we treat them to lunch at McDonald's.  It's nothing to be ashamed of!  They sell burgers and fries, which will make you fat if you eat there every day.  We don't eat there every day, or even every week.  I don't blame McDonald's for being who they are (some would disagree).  They are an American success story, they sell greasy food, and they should just "own it" instead of allowing themselves to get beat up by the Food Nazis.

(Now here's a girl who knows how to defend herself against creeps!  After this incident I rewarded her for her courage with a burger and fries.)

So let's collectively ignore the Food Nazis and let Ronald retire for the right reasons.  His garish colors are from the McDonald's decor of a bygone era, now that McDonald's restaurants have all been redecorated for the 21st century.  He's not entertaining anymore.  People think clowns are creepy.  People still love burgers and fries.  Now go out there and enjoy a clown-free lunch.

Posted by IGnatius T Foobar on Sun Aug 23 2015 14:14:35 EDT
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fleeb  says:  Mon Aug 24 2015 09:15:22 EDT


(I don't think any of those are particularly safe to view from work, incidentally).

papa  says:  Thu Mar 16 2017 05:15:58 EDT
What changed society's perception of clowns? Was it just Stephen King's stupid novel "It"? Why did I not get the memo? I want the 1950s back.

themgt  says:  Wed Mar 22 2017 16:29:50 EDT
Yeah, probably the movie did it. Totally stupid, I still love clowns in all varieties.

I am a bit amazed, that all of the above links still work today. Have some of my favorite ones:
These are from some Yes Men project, I love the Che and Gandhi versions:


There is a whole thread somewhere else:

papa  says:  Fri Apr 14 2023 00:31:23 EDT
Hey, I THOUGHT I'd visited here before! There's the evidence: Mar 16 2017 ^^^ !

papa  says:  Fri Apr 14 2023 00:32:15 EDT
I still say clowns get a bad rap, and I still want the 1950s back.

IGnatius T Foobar  says:  Fri Apr 14 2023 13:59:41 EDT
There you go :) Sometimes you just can't stay away from the total package.

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