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After reading someone mentioning the old BBS practice of listing other systems, here is a place to add your Citadel, or related system.  I think any private or decentralised system - be it a social server, mail, blog, or BBS, that shares the values of a free speech, and a free and decentralised internet community; aswell as all current Citadel servers, deserves to be listed. So please edit this page and add any links with  an introduction to the system.

The Sanitarium BBS - a 916 (Sacramento) BBS originally operated sometime between 1985-1987/88 on Citadel-86. Today running on Citadel Groupware, with a focus on preserving Sacramento Citadel history, with discussions on retro-gaming, technology, music, politics, debate and an atmosphere of general irreverence. The home of Anti-Social Networking. Point your browser at for links and instructions for connecting to the BBS via various methods.  Sysop: Paranoid Delusions - a work in progress. I am trying to integrate my internet chat room, my Commodore 64 Cbase BBS and Citadel into one user experience. Currently I am using phpBB's pages to display my chat room in an iframe only because I am too stupid to figure out how to get Citadel to do it. It's not Citadel's issue, it's my lack of skill. Anyway, visit and tell me what you think, or tell me that my website sucks. Direct access to the Citadel is reachable via telnet or also shares the vision of Anti-CENTRALIZED-Social Networking (meaning Fecesbook). Sysop: Smashbot (obviously) - Citadel BBS. HAM Radio, Science, Eastern Mysticism and general talk. Help support the growing network of Citadel BBSes. Call them and create content and traffic. Sysop: Ascii Express

The Village -  On and off since the mid 80s ( 317 area code ) but we are back on again for the long haul. This time a fresh reboot, using Citadel. We used to be Atari 8bit and ST focused, but hey, its not the early 90s anymore, so whatever goes. ( note the port ). For now only web access, and no internet email.  Nurb432 here as  your sysop. Used to be referred to as 'Ziggy' back in the old days, for those that remember..