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[#] Mon Aug 08 2016 19:04:49 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The hordes of Pokemon Go players crowding on places look like a merry
bunch of zombies to me. With smart phones. A bit frightening and also
a bit heart warming.

Met a bunch of folks playing Pokemon Go in NYC this past weekend. Friendly people. It's fun to have some camraderie with complete strangers.

[#] Mon Aug 22 2016 11:07:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Oh my.

If you search for local businesses on Yelp, they now indicate for every business (such as a restaurant or whatever) whether there is a Pokestop nearby.

It's *that* big.

[#] Mon Aug 22 2016 11:31:40 EDT from fleeb

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[#] Sat Sep 03 2016 23:39:47 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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You know what ... it's a great conversation starter and you get to exchange pleasantries with people out in public.  I'm normally not a fan of anything mainstream but I like Pokemon Go.

[#] Mon Sep 12 2016 13:31:53 EDT from fleeb

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Well, I'll give you that.

I asked a random stranger in a grocery store if aisle 5 was a pokemon stop, despite not really playing the game. Because I'm peculiar that way.

[#] Wed Feb 22 2017 09:29:23 EST from zooer

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[#] Wed Feb 22 2017 15:15:02 EST from bennabiy

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That was too much! Should have been a cell phone in his hands though...

[#] Wed Mar 15 2017 09:24:47 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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A video showed up in my YouTube feed whose title was something about Kinect being the "dark ages" of XBox. The video was crap; it ended up being just ten minutes of Kinect being announced and pushed at trade shows. But it does seem that Kinect is old news and Microsoft isn't exactly leading with it anymore.
And now Nintendo is moving away from the full-motion style gameplay of the Wii as well.

So was it just a fad? Have they figured out that most gamers just want to sit on the couch with a joystick?

[#] Mon Mar 20 2017 07:41:50 EDT from fleeb

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There has been quite a lot of push on virtual reality in gaming lately. But there's also the HoloLens... augmented reality.

I suspect augmented reality might be more in line with where things are going to go in gaming, eventually, but that damned HoloLens is far too heavy to wear comfortably.

[#] Sat Apr 22 2017 13:07:15 EDT from mo

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Just reading the backlog here, and i came across IG's comments about tabletop games. Never really thought about it, but it does seem a good idea for bars and cafes. I was in a bar in a Polish city a few years back, and it was a gamers bar. They had playstations and Wiis installed in the walls, and on the tabletops, aswell as countless other games - way cool! But the only place i have ever seen an attempt at having tabletop games for customers to play. I'm sure your right - and hope someone sees a gap in the market[3[3~[3~[3~


[#] Thu Apr 25 2019 06:34:19 EDT from fleeb

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Apparently, there's been some brew-ha-ha concerning City of Heros/Villains.

NCSoft decided to shut down the servers for this MMO, since it didn't align with their current focus. There's a fairly dedicated fan base, though, that wants to continue playing it.

Secretly, some members of this fanbase reverse engineered the server code, and ran their own private server with about a hundred or so friends playing together.

Things kinda went nuts, though, when the secret got out. The folks who created the server don't want any trouble from NCSoft, so they're skittish about the whole thing. But, apparently, their in communication with NCSoft to try and make their efforts blessed by the company, so they can continue to run a server without the threat of legal action looming over them.

Frankly, if they pull it off, and manage to get everything going without the threat of losing it all, I might consider installing City of Heros/Villains and recreating one of my favorite characters of all time: Evil Abe Lincoln.

Evil Abe Lincoln was a villain I created for City of Villains who could raise zombies and the like to fight for him. The game has customization features so impressive, I could make him look like a zombified Abe Lincoln. The theme I went for involved enslaving people by killing them and raising their corpse from the dead to serve him. You can even customize catch phrases to use during battles, so I think one of mine was 'Forescore *this*!'

[#] Thu Apr 25 2019 09:25:52 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Do you have a spell called "Enslavement Proclamation" to raise the zombies?

[#] Thu Apr 25 2019 11:25:27 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, wouldn't that be nice?

[#] Thu Apr 25 2019 13:37:00 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Also, does Zombie Abraham Lincoln have a negative buff when in a theatre?

[#] Thu Apr 25 2019 15:00:30 EDT from Haven

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I would rejoin.  I enjoyed playing CoH, the only issue was I went back to school right after it went live, so I didn't play for three years while I was busy working, and going to school, and trying to spend time with family.   I played during the Beta, and then after it went live.   I bought the Deluxe versions of the game. I still have the Hero Clix from the City of Villians.   

I used to really enjoy the group that did the dance party/music in game.  I know that doesn't sound right, I can't remember the name of the group that used to livestream music in the game.   

[#] Fri Apr 26 2019 13:12:30 EDT from fleeb

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aahz: That would certainly have been a good debuff to have, yes, but I don't think the game was that sophisticated. Still, it was amazing how far I could go to customize that character. I could even name the zombies I raised, so I gave them names from Lincoln's life (although I can't recall all of them).

I forget why I stopped playing. Might have been technical, or I might have been bored.

[#] Wed May 01 2019 23:03:45 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Around here we're still playing a version of Mario Kart that's two versions old. Yes we have the latest, but ours has been heavily modded and has over 200 tracks, some of them custom, some of them ported from other versions of the game.

IGlet has figured out how to swap music tracks and is having the time of his life moving everything around.

Next ... perhaps we'll figure out how to build our own. muahahahaha

[#] Wed Aug 14 2019 09:00:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Heh. Surprisingly, "MyMiniCity" is still out there. I've been pinging it every day recently and for some reason it's giving me some chuckles.

Everyone please go to to help out :)

[#] Thu Aug 29 2019 15:19:19 EDT from nonservator

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CoH rules. That is all

[#] Tue Sep 03 2019 13:34:23 EDT from fleeb

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Ah, man, it'd be nice to play that again.

Dunno where to get the client, and hook into a server.

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