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[#] Tue Mar 05 2013 14:06:24 EST from zooer

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I read about a game of poker somebody said they had in a dream. I wanted to see if an actual game could have
been made from his dream.

Speaking of Koi-Koi I saw a travel show with an interesting game although I don't remember the name of the game
but I am almost sure it was Japanese. It is like blackjack except the value of the cards do not go over nine,
only the ones digit of the value counts. If you have and eight and a four the value of your hand is two. You
could hit or stay but I am not sure of the limits. I don't remember if you played against other players or just
the dealer but the highest value, the one closest to nine wins the hand. I think you bet on your initial two

My niece lived in Japan so I should ask her. The fact I didn't ask her now makes me think it isn't Japanese.

[#] Tue Mar 05 2013 14:20:39 EST from zooer

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The name of the Japanese game is Kabufuda

[#] Wed Mar 06 2013 12:59:07 EST from the_mgt

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Interesting, I think had that on one of those asian multi-game cartridges for the original Gameboy. The whole thing was full of stuff I didn't understand, including this card game I could not make sense of. Also it drained the batteries in about 5 minutes. Thanks for filling this gap in my education!

[#] Thu May 23 2013 18:29:51 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Some of Asia is in the southern hemisphere. If you are playing cards on an Asian-made game cartridge you may have to turn the cards over for the correct gameplay.

[#] Tue Jul 01 2014 16:43:53 EDT from zooer

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I thought one of the senior geeks would post this.

[#] Wed Jul 23 2014 14:23:30 EDT from fleeb

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I can't quite remember where this was posted (which itself is sorta sad), but it belongs here anyway, I suppose.

http;// looks like it might be a pretty decent game, but they only let you get through Level 3 approaching level 4 before they want you to spend $25 to continue playing.

It's a nifty game, but I've seen other games that charge far less for a similar amount of fun and learning.

[#] Wed Jul 23 2014 15:11:41 EDT from zooer

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I posted it in the Linux room.

A very nice learn Vim if you already know vim idea, if you want somebody to use something don't make them pay to
learn how to use it.

[#] Wed Jul 23 2014 15:14:51 EDT from zooer

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I liked how the VERY first thing it says to you is you shouldn't be using the arrow keys. It is in that
condescending geek speak trying to tell you what you think is easier is wrong.

[#] Wed Jul 23 2014 15:52:47 EDT from fleeb

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Heh, yeah... made all the more stupid by the fact that vim does let you use the arrow keys.

[#] Wed Jul 23 2014 23:25:11 EDT from zooer

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"Why do you do it *THAT* way, it is sooooo much easier to use the letter keys like why would you use the arrow

"ok, STFU Sheldon"

[#] Thu Jul 24 2014 15:29:21 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Bill Joy once said that "vi was written for a world that doesn't exist anymore" which explains the terse commands, particularly the non-arrow-key navigation.
It didn't help that there were a lot of broken termcaps out there at the time, and if you were unfortunate enough to be using one of them, the arrow keys probably didn't work anyway.

I learned vi (real Bill Joy vi, not vim) in the early 1980's on a good working terminal, so I never got into the habit of avoiding the arrow keys. I use the arrow keys. But, I use Ctrl-B and Ctrl-F to move backwards and forwards through screenfuls of text, because the terminal on which I learned vi didn't *have* Page-Up and Page-Down keys.

[#] Thu Jul 24 2014 19:06:34 EDT from zooer

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I don't remember my first editor, it was probably on a VAX machine. I have gotten very used to NANO.

[#] Fri Jul 25 2014 08:09:25 EDT from fleeb

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I used to use emacs all the time. Loved it. And I had a rough time working with vi. But I got tired of holding down the ctrl key for all the comma nds, so when I adjusted to vi, I rather liked it.

[#] Fri Jul 25 2014 09:42:37 EDT from dothebart

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remained with emacs. like the gdb integration.

[#] Tue Jul 29 2014 01:04:29 EDT from ax25

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I like VI, but then again, I am warped by purchasing a Word Perfect knock off back in the 80's.  WP was strange enough (but you could be proficient in just a few keystrokes that it made you seem to type like a stenographer).

[#] Tue Jul 29 2014 08:14:50 EDT from fleeb

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Heh, well, go back far enough, and you have Word Star. That wasn't a terrible word processing program, but it required a certain imagination, since it wasn't WYSIWYG.

[#] Tue Jul 29 2014 23:12:45 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It was close enough. And the way it had both "document mode" and "non document mode" so that you could use it either as a word processor or a text editor was brilliant. And despite it being my very first editor, I still prefer vi instead of joe.

[#] Wed Jul 30 2014 00:11:19 EDT from ax25

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The knock off word processor I used was not my first one. The first one did not have lower case.  That was fancy back then :-)

Back to un-video games.  Who still plays D&D here, and if you do, is it still fun with the over 40 crowd?

[#] Wed Jul 30 2014 06:20:10 EDT from fleeb

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I tried to play D&D with my sister (remotely), but I guess it didn't work out for some reason.

It was still fun. I'd love to do some more... great to use your imagination sometimes, instead of relying upon computer graphics.

[#] Wed Jul 30 2014 14:21:13 EDT from zooer

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I had a shareware DOS editor that I liked enough to register Qedit. It wasn't a word processor just a text
editor, very advanced for the time.

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