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[#] Wed Jun 08 2022 23:23:52 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Using Ansible to automate software installation on my Mac

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On most systems, there are several ways to install software. Which one you use depends on the source of the application you're installing. Some software comes as a downloadable wizard to walk you through an install process, while others are files you just download and run immediately.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 00:40:07 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Ubuntu Users Get a Massive Linux Kernel Update, 35 Security Vulnerabilities Patched

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Today, Canonical published new Linux kernel security updates for all supported Ubuntu releases and it looks like it’s a massive update that addresses more than 30 security vulnerabilities.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 01:58:25 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Install Fotoxx photo editor and manager on Ubuntu 20.04 | 22.04 LTS

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Fotoxx is a free and open-source collection of photo editing and management tools for managing extensive collections (5000+) of photos that every photographer wishes to have.The user interface might not be intuitive, but if your goal is the speed with easy-to-use tools, then fotoxx should be your first choice.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 03:04:54 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Linux for Starters: Your Guide to Linux - Extend your Desktop - Part 22

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We look at a couple of ways you can extend your GNOME desktop. We first cover extensions before moving on to exploring themes.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 04:24:12 EDT from rss <>

Subject: 10 Best KDE Apps for Everyone in 2022 Part 1

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A list of 10 best KDE apps for every user and use cases, with their features, benefits and installation guides.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 05:42:30 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How I gave my old laptop new life with the Linux Xfce desktop

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While I installed Linux to use my laptop for a few demos at a conference, I found Linux and the Xfce desktop made this old laptop feel quite snappy.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 07:01:40 EDT from rss <>

Subject: GitHub drops Atom bomb: Open-source text editor mothballed by end of year

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On December 15, Microsoft's GitHub plans to turn out the lights on Atom, its open-source text editor that has inspired and influenced widely used commercial apps, such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Slack, and GitHub Desktop. The social code biz said it's doing so to focus on cloud-based software.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 08:03:39 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Blender 3.2 Enables AMD GPU Rendering on Linux, Adds New Rendering Features

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The Blender Foundation announced today the release and general availability of Blender 3.2 as the second point release in the major Blender 3.x series of this open-source, free, and cross-platform 3D modeling software.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 09:21:42 EDT from rss <>

Subject: openSUSE Leap 15.4 Is Now Available, Here’s What’s New

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openSUSE is a world-class Linux distribution. Aside from Debian and Ubuntu, openSUSE is perhaps the best multi-purpose distribution available. The latest minor release of the openSUSE fixed release distro, openSUSE Leap 15.4, is out, bringing many updates to the existing package base.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 10:41:00 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Create DEB Packages for Debian/Ubuntu

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A DEB package is an archive containing all the files including the compiled version of the applications, source codes, configuration files, images, and installation commands. DEB files in Debian-based operating systems like Ubuntu and Kali Linux are equivalent to the EXE files found in Windows. Here's how you can develop your own DEB packages for a Debian-based Linux distro.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 11:59:17 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install & Use fzf Command-Line Fuzzy Finder in Linux

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fzf is one of the most amazing utilities written for the command line in the last few years. In this article we’ll cover how to use fzf, the command-line fuzzy finder, we’ll see how we can customize it, and we’ll explain some concepts, such as what fuzzy search is, so you can better understand how you can use this tool.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 13:01:18 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Install and Use Snap Packages in all Linux Distributions

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Snap Store is backed by Canonical, the same organization that developed the popular Debian-based Ubuntu Operating System. The Canonical goal for the Snaps Packages is to create a standalone sandboxed application to package the application with the required dependencies and libraries. This removes the use of outdated dependencies and libraries without affecting the operating system files making it easier for developers to develop an application and for users to use it.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 14:20:37 EDT from rss <>

Subject: KDE Gear 22.04.2 Adds 7zip Support to Ark, Improves Dolphin, Kdenlive, and Other Apps

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The KDE Project announced today the release and general availability of KDE Gear 22.04.2 as the second maintenance update to the latest KDE Gear 22.04 open-source software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 15:40:58 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Linux Mint adopts Timeshift from overworked original developer

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The Linux Mint XApps suite of cross-desktop accessories has a new member – the Timeshift backup tool. The Linux Mint blog post for June revealed that Mint team lead Clement Lefevbre recently took over maintenance of the Timeshift backup tool used in Linux Mint.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 16:46:00 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to install Boost C++ library in Ubuntu or any Debian based distribution

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Boost is a portable set of C++ programming language libraries. It contains libraries for pseudo-random number generation, linear algebra, multi-threading, image processing, regular expression, and unit testing. At the time of writing this article, boost has 168 different libraries included in boost.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 18:04:17 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Topaz 2 mini PC from Simply NUC comes with Intel 12th-gen processors, quad-displays and dual ethernet ports

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Simply NUC launched the Topaz 2 mini PC which can accommodate the “Alder Lake” processors from Intel. The Intel Core i3 based mini PC is available for $599, the Intel Core i5 model for $699 and the Intel Core i7 model starts at $849. The Topaz 2 is ready for pre-orders and shipping is expected around July 2022.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 19:24:35 EDT from rss <>

Subject: A guide to container orchestration with Kubernetes

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The term orchestration is relatively new to the IT industry, and it still has nuance that eludes or confuses people who don't spend all day orchestrating. When I describe orchestration to someone, it usually sounds like I'm just describing automation. That's not quite right. In fact, I wrote a whole article differentiating automation and orchestration.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 20:27:38 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Meet SpiralLinux, a Debian-Based Distro Focused on Simplicity and Usability

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From the creator of GeckoLinux, here comes SpiralLinux as a Debian-based distribution focused on simplicity and out-of-the-box usability across all major desktop environments.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 21:48:58 EDT from rss <>

Subject: openSUSE Leap 15.4 - What's new, download details and roadmap to 15.5

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A release roundup of the rock-solid openSUSE Leap 15.4 which brings several updates to desktops, servers, containers and virtual workloads.

[#] Thu Jun 09 2022 23:08:16 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Calibre eBook Management on Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions

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Calibre is an open-source ebook manager and viewer tool that can open, edit, convert and manipulate ebooks. It is available on all platforms, whether it’s a Microsoft Windows, macOS, or any other Linux Distributions along with mobile devices and e-readers like Kindle.

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