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[#] Thu Nov 11 2021 20:32:40 EST from rss <>

Subject: CutiePi Raspberry Pi Based Linux Tablet is Already Sold Out

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The CutiePi tablet is based on the diminutive Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. At the heart of CutiePi is custom designed circuit board. It’s a open source hardware and had all the components in place necessary to make your project portable.

[#] Thu Nov 11 2021 21:33:40 EST from rss <>

Subject: How To Install Debian 11 Bullseye

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This guide walks you through the steps to create Debian 11 bootable medium and how to install Debian 11 bullseye XFCE desktop with screenshots.

[#] Thu Nov 11 2021 22:49:55 EST from rss <>

Subject: MongoDB 5.1 for DBaaS arrives amid questions over on-prem release stability

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MongoDB, the company behind the document non-relational database of the same name, has released its 5.1 update but only as a managed service. While critics voice concerns that bugs from 5.0 have still not been fixed, the NoSQL poster child has pushed on with efforts to accommodate time series data and better support analytics on operational systems.

[#] Thu Nov 11 2021 23:50:55 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Nginx on Fedora 35

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In the tutorial, you will learn how to install and configure Nginx on Fedora 35 with a free TLS/SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 00:51:55 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Change the Hostname in Linux

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There are plenty of reasons why you may want to change the hostname of your Linux system. Unfortunately, changing your hostname is not exactly an intuitive process. Don’t worry, though, we’re going to show you how you can change your machine's hostname in less than a minute with just a few clicks and commands.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 01:52:55 EST from rss <>

Subject: The Framework Laptop Is Great For A Linux-Friendly, Upgradeable/Modular Laptop

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While many Linux users were excited years ago around EOMA68 and in part the possibility of an open, upgradeable laptop design, it has yet to ship and looking like it never will -- not to mention being very outdated specifications by today's standards. Entirely unrelated to that prior upgradeable hardware effort but continuing in similar goals is The Framework Laptop.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 03:10:07 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Mount Bitlocker Encrypted Windows Partition in Linux

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Here’s the scenario. My system came with Windows 10 Pro and that came with BitLocker encryption. I installed Ubuntu in the dual boot mode even with the BitLocker encryption enabled for Windows. You can easily access the Windows files from within Linux. No hi-fi stuff here. Just go to the file manager and click on the Windows partition which is located usually under the “Other Locations” tab.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 04:27:22 EST from rss <>

Subject: Red Hat 8.5 released with SQL Server and .NET 6 ... this is Linux, right?

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Version 8.5 of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux operating system (RHEL) is out, with updates including .NET 6 and a system role for Microsoft SQL Server, as well as improved container support.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 05:44:38 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install HAProxy on Debian 11

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HAProxy is a free, open-source, and reliable solution for high availability and load balancing. It distributes the load across the multiple application servers and to simplify the request processing tasks.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 06:45:38 EST from rss <>

Subject: SparkyLinux 6.1 Released with Updated Packages and Improvements

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The SparkyLinux team has announced the release of SparkyLinux 6.1, latest stable update in project’s 6.x series. Let’s see what’s new.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 07:47:01 EST from rss <>

Subject: OpenSUSE is Looking for Candidates to Run for Its Board

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Two seats on the board at openSUSE are up for grabs. Candidates will be announced on November 22, and voting begins on December 13.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 08:49:40 EST from rss <>

Subject: Contribute at the Fedora Linux 36 Test Week for Kernel 5.15

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The Fedora kernel and QA teams have organized a test week from Sunday, November 14, 2021 through Sunday, November 21, 2021.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 09:50:41 EST from rss <>

Subject: In the spirit of open government, France dumps 9,067 repos online to show off its FOSS credentials

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Le Gouvernement de la République française – the government of France for Anglophones – has published a website containing 9,067 repositories of FOSS software created by 1,022 organisations and groups in the French public sector. After two years of work, the site hit version 1.0 on Wednesday.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 10:51:40 EST from rss <>

Subject: Ubuntu Touch OTA-20 Arrives on November 19th with Pixel 2 Support in the UBports Installer, More

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The UBports Foundation is getting ready for yet another update to their Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system for Ubuntu Phone devices, OTA-20, which is now available for public testing.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 12:07:55 EST from rss <>

Subject: The Linux Foundation Meets Its Biggest Challenge Yet: Saving the Planet

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The transition from centralized fossil-fuel generation to renewable and distributed energy resources will mark the most significant reimagining of power systems in over 140 years, and it will fundamentally transform our economies. Approximately 75% of carbon emissions can be mitigated through the electrification of energy, transportation, and the built environment. By adopting an open source strategy that maximizes flexibility, agility, and interoperability, we can innovate at the speed of the urgency needed to decarbonize and save our planet.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 13:24:10 EST from rss <>

Subject: Huawei hands its cloud Linux to China's only open source foundation

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Huawei has donated the cut of Linux it created to run on its cloud, and silicon, to China's only open source foundation. The Chinese giant's OS is called EulerOS and is derived from CentOS. EulerOS runs on x86 silicon but is tuned for top performance on the Arm64 architecture – which is what Huawei uses in the Kunpeng 920 CPUs it designed to power its own servers, cloud, and even the occasional laptop.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 14:26:11 EST from rss <>

Subject: A Firefox mobile product manager on her favorite corners of the internet

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Here at Mozilla, we are the first to admit the internet isn’t perfect, but we are also quick to point out that the internet is pretty darn magical. The internet opens up doors and opportunities, allows for people to connect with others, and lets everyone find where they belong — their corners of the internet. We all have an internet story worth sharing. In My Corner Of The Internet, we talk with people about the online spaces they can’t get enough of, what we should save in Pocket to read later, and what sites and forums shaped them.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 15:42:26 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Atom Text Editor on Fedora 35

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In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install the latest version of Atom Text Editor on Fedora 35 Workstation (Desktop) along with an optional extra of installing the beta branch.

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 16:58:41 EST from rss <>

Subject: In 2021, The Linux Foundation Became a Trusted Resource for Public Health and Industry Partners?, and OpenTreatments Tackled Rare Diseases

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Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) hosts, supports and nurtures open source technology to benefit public health initiatives. Since its founding a little over a year ago, the organization has become a go-to resource for governments and industry partners to get advice on the latest technologies coming to market. Over 50 jurisdictions worldwide have come to trust LFPH for unbiased, clear guidance on how to take advantage of technologies within our program areas of exposure notification and COVID credentials. National and global institutions such as the WHO, CDC, UN, and GAO have also invited LFPH to present at meetings, contribute to reports, and assist them in their own understanding of this technology. %e2%80%ad-and-opentreatments-tackled-rare-diseases%e2%80%ac/

[#] Fri Nov 12 2021 18:14:56 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to find the CPU information in HP-UX

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2DayGeek: This quick guide show you how to check CPU information in HP-UX systems.

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