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[#] Fri May 28 2021 01:58:35 EDT from rss <>

Subject: OpenOCD-ready HAT turns the Pi into a debugger with Cortex-M and JTAG headers

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Blinkinlabs’ $27, open-spec “JTAG HAT” that turns the Raspberry Pi into an OpenOCD compatible MCU debugging device with built-in Arm Cortex-M and JTAG headers. Netherlands-based Blinkinlabs has launched a JTAG debugging HAT for the Raspberry Pi for 22 Euros ($27) that supports the open source OpenOCD debugging software. The JTAG HAT is equipped with a […]

[#] Fri May 28 2021 02:29:24 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Microsoft releases command-line package manager for Windows - there are snags

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Nice try, but package management will never work as well on Windows as it does on Linux. Microsoft has released Windows Package Manager 1.0, better known as winget, a command line tool for adding, removing and updating what is installed on the system.…

[#] Fri May 28 2021 04:01:47 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Ubuntu, Wikimedia jump ship to the Libera Chat IRC network after Freenode channel confiscations

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Transition interrupted by 'hostile takeover'. One of the bigger beasts of the Linux world, Ubuntu, has abruptly jumped ship to Libera Chat from the Freenode IRC network after what the Ubuntu Community Council described as a "hostile takeover" of its namespaces.…

[#] Fri May 28 2021 05:18:02 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Microsoft previews Hot Reload for .NET developers, sets date for .NET 6

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Faster Entity Framework, complete C++ 20 support in Visual Studio, but complications remainBuild Microsoft has previewed Hot Reload for .NET development, enabling on-the-fly changes to source code that are applied to a running application. The company also set the date for the first production release of .NET 6: November 9.…

[#] Fri May 28 2021 06:49:32 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Updated 10 Most Used Linux Distributions of All Time

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Arch Linux stands out in the Linux ecosystem because it is not based on any other distribution and yet it is well-known and extensively used by the community.

[#] Fri May 28 2021 08:05:47 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install and Use TeamViewer on Ubuntu 20.04

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Teamviewer is a widely used utility for accessing and controlling a remote computer system. In this guide, we will see how to install TeamViewer on Ubuntu 20.04 system.  After the installation, we will install TeamViewer on an android device and connect to the remote desktop of our Ubuntu 20.04 system.

[#] Fri May 28 2021 09:39:57 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install and Configure Git on Ubuntu 20.04

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Git is a widely used OpenSource version control system for software development. It has been initially developed by Linus Torvalds and is e.g. used to manage the source code of the Linux kernel. In this article, you will learn how to install and configure Git on Ubuntu 20.04 via the Command line.

[#] Fri May 28 2021 10:57:23 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Firefox to adopt Chrome's new approach to extensions - sans the part that threatens ad blockers

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Mozilla says Google's content-filter API doesn't meet developer needs, others agree. Firefox maker Mozilla on Thursday said it plans to mostly adopt Manifest v3, a controversial revision of the Chrome browser extension framework that Google undertook to address the glaring security problems in the browser.…

[#] Fri May 28 2021 12:44:08 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Port operating systems to new chip architectures

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I was once asked why computers are called "computers" when they do so much more than compute numbers. A modern PC browses the internet, plays audio and video, generates beautiful graphics for video games and movies, simulates and predicts complex weather patterns and epidemiological risks, brings architectural and engineering blueprints to life, and much more.The reason computers can do all of this because all these problems can be expressed as numerical equations, and the computer's CPU—its central processing unit—is actually little more than a simple more

[#] Fri May 28 2021 14:00:31 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Banana Pi with quad -A55 Amlogic S905X3 launches at $61

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SinoVoip has launched a $61 “Banana Pi BPI-M2 Pro” SBC with an up to 2.0GHz quad-core, Cortex-A55 Amlogic S905X3, 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, GbE, WiFi/BT, and 40-pin GPIO. The Banana Pi BPI-M2 Pro SBC that was revealed in March has gone on sale at AliExpress for $61 with 2GB LPDDR4 and 16GB eMMC. The open-spec, […]

[#] Fri May 28 2021 16:20:05 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Work with Ansible Provisioner in Vagrant

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In the previous article, we have seen what is provisioner and how to work with shell and file provisioner. In this article, we will see how to use an ansible provisioner to automate the vagrant workflow. Here we will create a playbook and use the playbook to run ansible play against the vagrant guest machine.

[#] Fri May 28 2021 18:22:04 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How Linux made a school pandemic-ready

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More than 20 years ago, when Robert Maynord started teaching at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Monona, Wisconsin, the school had only eight functioning computers, all running Windows 95. Through his expertise in and enthusiasm for Linux and open source software, Robert has transformed the school community, its faculty, and its students, who are in kindergarten to eighth more

[#] Fri May 28 2021 20:39:20 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Awesome Screenshot Tool ksnip 1.9.0 Released with Huge Set of Updates

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The cross-platform screenshot and annotation application ksnip 1.9.0 release bring 30+ new features and a handful of bug fixes. We summarize the release for you.

[#] Fri May 28 2021 22:57:03 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Test Your Internet Speed Bidirectionally from Command Line Using ‘Speedtest-CLI’ Tool

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We always need to check the speed of the Internet connection at home and office. What we do for this? Go to websites like and begin test. It loads JavaScript in the web browser and then select best server based upon ping and output the result. It also uses a Flash player to produce graphical results.

[#] Sat May 29 2021 00:59:03 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Nitrux 1.4.1 Released with Plasma System Monitor, Heroic Games Launcher, and Pacstall

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Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability of Nitrux 1.4.1, the first ISO point release in the latest 1.4 stable series of this Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution focused on KDE software.

[#] Sat May 29 2021 03:16:46 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How To Change Authentication Method For MySQL Root User In Ubuntu

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This guide explains why and how to change authentication method for MySQL root user in Ubuntu Linux operating system.

[#] Sat May 29 2021 05:34:02 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Zynq UltraScale+ modules include high-end Andromeda model

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Enclustra unveiled two Linux-driven Zynq UltraScale+ modules with up to 8GB DDR4: the “Andromeda XZU60” with 2x GbE, 5x PCIe Gen3, 6x Samtec, and up to 686 user I/Os, and a “Mercury+ XU6” with up to 294 I/Os. In 2017, Enclustra announced Mercury+ XU1 and SODIMM-style Mars XU3 modules featuring Xilinx’s Arm/FPGA Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC […]

[#] Sat May 29 2021 07:38:39 EDT from rss <>

Subject: qytdl – Qt frontend for Youtube-DL

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qytdl (also known as qYoutube-DL) is a Qt-based frontend to youtube-dl. That program is a hugely popular open source download manager for video and audio from YouTube and over 1,000 other video hosting websites.

[#] Sat May 29 2021 09:56:44 EDT from rss <>

Subject: StarLabs’ LabTop Mk III and Mk IV Linux Laptops Now Support Coreboot 5 Firmware

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UK based Linux hardware vendor StarLabs announced today the availability of the latest Coreboot 5 open-source firmware for its Star LabTop Mk III and Star LabTop Mk IV Linux-powered laptops.

[#] Sat May 29 2021 11:59:22 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install FreeBSD 13.0 with Static Network IP Address

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FreeBSD is a Free Unix-like operating system from Berkeley Software distribution, which is available for all major platforms x86_64, IA-32, PowerPC, ARM, etc, and mainly focuses on features, speed, and performance stability.

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