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[#] Wed Apr 27 2022 17:17:59 EDT from Nurb432

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[#] Sun Jun 12 2022 20:54:19 EDT from Nurb432

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Needed a dose of trees and farm, so stopped by where i grew up.

Hard to explain, but was out in the country between 2 towns.  One had a stop sign and a general store.   Boarded up about 20 years ago. Building still there, brings back memories.

Other town, pretty much was in ruins since the early 1900s. Not much to start with, but the only thing really left intact was a church and the bank. Which in the 50s or 60's had its 2nd story collapse.   used to have a bridge across the river. It started breaking up, never bothered to repair.  Was a place to hangout for us kids. Some 20 years later they just blew it up and let it fall in.  I guess used to be a huge grain mill there too in the 1900s, since it was on the river. Long gone before we moved there in the late 70s. 

2009 or so pretty much everything was washed away and it seems that it was all torn down and made into a huge park.  Went today, hard to believe its the same place.  No houses, nothing. ( now if you get back into the back country where i was, its not changed a bit.. which is nice. We didnt live in town, thankfully )

And.. there was a major state road that connected us to civilization.  The last couple of years they have been converting it to an interstate like thing, destroying everything in its path  ( expanding to like 8 lanes ).. very frustrating to people like me.   But, along with that they are removing all the access roads to these little towns ( the ones they didnt flat out remove at least.. ).     Going to be sad to watch the rest of them die.   Many date back to the late 1800s.. 

I guess only consolation is no one is going to build developments if you cant get there. So the farmland and trees are safe.

Went to see my dads grave too. Its out there near the house.  


Too much destruction around here.  But im rambling now. ill stop. 


[#] Mon Jun 13 2022 00:04:36 EDT from test2

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what? no pictures?

[#] Mon Jun 13 2022 10:50:01 EDT from Nurb432

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I could but i know pictures slow things down for people, and its not Facebook :)

[#] Mon Jun 13 2022 18:52:15 EDT from Nurb432

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( i guess this could fall under being a rant as well.. )


So, when i was a kid, i used to get toys in my cereal boxes. Early on, metal,,, then later plastic but still a 'thing' i got to pull out and keep. They served as extra incentive to buy their crap.. "free stuff.ooooo" . Even tho im as old as dirt i still eat cereal. Tonight I happened to look at the back of the box im eating out of, and its basically an advertisement to buy minecoins...  

[#] Tue Jun 14 2022 20:30:48 EDT from zelgomer

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Lol I don't know what a minecoin is, but the best toy I remember getting from a cereal box was a pair of spy sunglasses that had reflective parts on the periphery so you could see behind you. Man, those were cool. Now I want a pair in adult size.

[#] Wed Jun 15 2022 16:55:51 EDT from Nurb432

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In game crypto so you can buy stuff.

[#] Mon Jun 27 2022 11:14:10 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yeah, now they just put a QR code on the box so that you can have the extended multi-universe breakfast cereal experience!

[#] Thu Sep 22 2022 11:02:43 EDT from Greg Nesbitt

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You know what I really miss? Matchbox cars. I had a whole box of them, trucks and planes and camping trailers, that I just gave away like a moron about 10 years ago. Probably 200 of them, maybe 150 in decent shape and the others... well, they had been sandboxed haha
I have the money to hit up eBay and refresh my collection, but something keeps me from doing that.

[#] Mon Sep 26 2022 09:10:49 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Strictly Matchbox, or Hot Wheels too? :) I had them when I was little but they were toys rather than a collection. They paired well with the Fisher-Price "little people" parking garage, the one with the elevator and ramp.

[#] Mon Sep 26 2022 09:33:24 EDT from Nurb432

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I had many. Never played with. Or if they were, you couldn't tell as i was that kind of kid. 


All stolen during a move from southern Florida to the mid-west.  Along with a bunch of original 60's GI-Joe. AND all my 'creations' from early years that were in the same box. ( kindergarten, etc ). We used a moving company. Oh, and they also left behind a plant that had been in the family for 3 generations.  By the time we got north and found it missing, it had been tossed in the garbage. ( we were in a temporary apartment down there, as our house sold before we had a new one lined up )

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