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[#] Thu Dec 07 2023 07:56:23 EST from rss <>

Subject: Raspberry Pi OS Gets New Dark GTK Theme, Better Raspberry Pi 5 Support

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new version of their Raspberry Pi OS distribution for Raspberry Pi single-board computers that improves support for the latest Raspberry Pi 5 model, a new dark theme, updates various apps, and adds some new features.

[#] Thu Dec 07 2023 10:16:40 EST from rss <>

Subject: translateLocally – translation on your local machine with a GUI

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translateLocally is software which lets you translate text from one language to another. The software provides both a command-line interface and a graphical user interface.

[#] Thu Dec 07 2023 12:33:53 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Encrypt and Securely Transfer Files with GPG

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In the digital age, the security of sensitive information is paramount. Encryption is a critical tool in protecting data from unauthorized access. Among encryption tools, GnuPG (GPG) stands out for its robustness and versatility. This article delves into the world of GPG, guiding you through the process of encrypting and securely transferring files.

[#] Thu Dec 07 2023 14:51:08 EST from rss <>

Subject: Endless OS 5.1 Rolls Out with Enhanced Learning Experience

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Still based on Debian 11, Endless OS 5.1 is a minor release with Endless Key, updated hardware support, and incremental improvements.

[#] Thu Dec 07 2023 17:08:23 EST from rss <>

Subject: Turn Your Favorite Websites Into Desktop Apps Using Linux Mint’s Webapp Manager

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Discover how Linux Mint's Webapp Manager can transform your web experience by turning favorite websites into convenient desktop apps.

[#] Thu Dec 07 2023 19:25:38 EST from rss <>

Subject: OwnCloud Dropbox Alternative Merges With Proprietary Kiteworks

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Although press releases were issued by all three entities on November 21, they were all short on details, with both Jonathan Yaron, Kikeworks’ chairperson and CEO, and Tobias Gerlinger, CEO and managing director at ownCloud, painting a picture indicating that everything will be exactly the same after the merger, only better — which might be easier said than done.

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