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[#] Thu Sep 25 2014 14:27:42 EDT from dothebart

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I don't think you see pictures of that scared persons often:

a little girl that just escaped syria

[#] Sat Sep 27 2014 14:18:44 EDT from triLcat

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yeah - we get them fleeing over the border. It's kind of a known secret that a handful come through every day for medical care... It's too bad we don't have the resources to help more of them.

[#] Sun Sep 28 2014 09:27:49 EDT from Freakdog <>

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It's also a shame that the world doesn't see the help that Israel does provide to its neighbors, even in the midst of fighting and wars.

[#] Sat Aug 22 2015 12:03:41 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I'm back from teh Jersey Shore and nursing a bit of a sunburn (the sun was so strong, even my perfect Italian skin got a bit burned).

While perusing a Cheap Chinese Crap shop at the boardwalk, I saw this:

 (Text client? Go to

At that moment I realized that Netscape has gotten into the smartphone accessories market!  It's a selfie stick with a built in web/calendar/directory server!

So of course I had to go look up the current status of the brand.  Unsurprisingly, Oracle has it right now.  They are even using it a tiny bit.  It's anyone's guess whether "web servers" and "selfie sticks" are in different enough market sectors to avoid a trademark infringement lawsuit.  Of course, as I mentioned above, this is Cheap Chinese Crap sold at a boardwalk shop, so they could put the Oracle logo on it and still move a million units before anyone caught up with them.

So ... selfie sticks.  Is anyone other than teenage girls using them?  Are there any applications for "real" photography? 

[#] Sat Aug 22 2015 18:09:03 EDT from zooer

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I hear people who visit the Jersey Shore use them.

[#] Mon Aug 24 2015 07:15:46 EDT from nristen

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[#] Mon Aug 24 2015 09:06:02 EDT from fleeb

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I would expect some Youtubers use selfie-sticks for recording, but as for taking selfies with them... I think such people gain a fair amount of deserved scorn.

[#] Mon Aug 24 2015 12:15:37 EDT from LoanShark

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for beach photography, the killer app is fairly specific: one guy and two hot babes lying face-down on a beach blanket, shot from a close-in, head-on perspective.

that's where the selfie stick comes in

[#] Fri Oct 02 2015 11:08:05 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Protip: if you are an art teacher, never instruct your students to paint "candlelight"

[#] Fri Oct 02 2015 12:33:22 EDT from fleeb

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Do, however, instruct them to paint 'happiness'. Heh.

[#] Fri Oct 02 2015 14:43:02 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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There was a photo attached to my previous message. Go to [ ] to see it. :)

[#] Fri Oct 02 2015 15:01:12 EDT from fleeb

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Ah... okay... yeah...

[#] Sat Oct 03 2015 08:07:15 EDT from dothebart

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I guess you failed the Rohrschach test.

[#] Sat Oct 03 2015 10:29:28 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Or passed with flying colors, depending on what the tester wanted to accomplish.

[#] Thu Oct 08 2015 13:41:31 EDT from wizard of aahz

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[#] Mon Feb 15 2016 14:35:47 EST from zooer

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This is what -114°F looks like


Picture above is in this story: 




[#] Wed Feb 17 2016 00:16:54 EST from wizard of aahz

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If you're skiing in-114 degree weather.. you deserve to become a skicicle.

[#] Tue Mar 29 2016 16:04:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Right, but it was only -114 wind chill, which isn't the same thing ... unless you're actually out in it.

[#] Tue Mar 29 2016 18:04:14 EDT from LoanShark

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Yeah, wind chill is a bit of a fiction. I've skied on some nasty days that turned my nose into a crusty, scabby mess when I neglected to cover it up... but, if you're going to cover up exposed skin, you'll probably be just fine.

[#] Thu Mar 31 2016 15:53:07 EDT from Animal

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I love how they think 4800 feet is "high elevation".
My house is at 5600 and I think that's low.