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[#] Wed May 03 2023 08:54:23 EDT from LoanShark

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solved. the documentation in this area is kinda weak. need the "unsupported GPUs" option, the "enable GSP" option is not enough by itself.

[#] Wed May 03 2023 09:31:00 EDT from Nurb432

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Everything with NVIDIA is a pain in the neck.

Wed May 03 2023 07:24:18 AM EDT from LoanShark

what the hell is going on with NVidia's proprietary driver.

Documented module parameters do not actually exist, so can't enable GSP mode on the closed-source kernel model and can't enable the Unsupported GPUs flag on the open driver.


[#] Mon May 22 2023 12:45:46 EDT from LadySerenaKitty

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FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE is coming out soon-ish.  Word on the street is boot is significantly faster.

[#] Fri Jun 02 2023 14:44:40 EDT from LoanShark

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miracle of miracles, I got nvidia hardware video decode working in firefox.

then it broke itself because I was apparently tracking firefox trunk...

that's fixed though. Works best on the -510 driver. Even though Wayland is an epic fail on that version.

[#] Fri Jun 02 2023 15:54:05 EDT from Nurb432

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i fixed that for you.


Fri Jun 02 2023 02:44:40 PM EDT from LoanShark

 Wayland is an epic fail 


[#] Sat Jun 03 2023 11:20:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Wayland needs to happen. X11 has been limped along admirably but it absolutely has to go. X11 is just a proxy server for an external compositor at this point. It's a completely obsolete architecture, and kudos to the people who are keeping it working until the day finally comes when everyone is on Wayland and they can let it go.

I've been on Wayland for a couple of years now, but I don't have any fancy Nvidia hardware, just a regular AMD CPU/GPU so the drivers included with the operating system seem to work fine. I also noticed that recent Chromium-based browsers now run on Wayland by default if it's there, so I no longer have to throw it a flag to force it to use Wayland instead of Xwayland.

For those who don't know which apps are using which libraries: simply run `xwininfo` and then click on the apps you want to test. It won't respond if you click on a native Wayland window.
It will display statistics if you click on an X11 window. Over the last two years I've seen everything gradually move over. My daily drivers are Brave (chromium derivative browser), kitty (terminal), and sometimes Thunderbird for mail. All are now on Wayland. My media-heavy applications are Audacity and Kdenlive, which are both on Wayland now. In fact, just now I had to fire up an xterm to see whether the xwininfo test was still valid, because nothing else responded.

Wayland is the way forward. I don't see any value in resisting it.

[#] Sat Jun 03 2023 11:59:33 EDT from Nurb432

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if it gets too bad i will go to Rio and flip them all the bird. 

Couple more years, i could just drop off line totally. burn every bit of computer i have, even my phone. Wont need any of it.

in 10 i bet everyone does and it will be glorious ( in my best Klingon grunt voice ). ( thinking of Transcendence, great prediction of a movie if you have not seen it )

[#] Sat Jun 03 2023 12:02:35 EDT from Nurb432

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Or.. i could go back to vSTA + MGR.

Way ahead of its time.

[#] Mon Jun 05 2023 09:12:57 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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You'll still need a computer to hang out with us here. But I suppose you could use a text terminal or something.

[#] Mon Jun 05 2023 09:37:46 EDT from LoanShark

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2023-06-03 11:20 from IGnatius T Foobar
Wayland needs to happen. X11 has been limped along admirably but it

absolutely has to go. X11 is just a proxy server for an external


Like a lot of things in Linux it is proceeding... at a glacial pace.

It's finally possible to run Wayland on Nvidia on Ubuntu 22.04, but Firefox's `gfxtest` (or whatever that's called) segfaults and it falls back to software rasterization. Looks like there have already been some updates throughout the stack in Ubuntu 22.10/23.04 but I stick to LTS versions because I can't afford to break my dev environment for the office.

So, "works" and "works well" are still two different things, and I'll probably be staying on X11 for another year.

[#] Mon Jun 05 2023 10:17:37 EDT from LoanShark

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Last I checked (as recently as a couple weeks ago) you still needed to force Ozone-Platform to a non-default setting (auto, default is x11) if you wanted seamless Wayland support on Chrome. The support exists, but there are some open bugs for edge cases.

[#] Mon Jun 05 2023 20:55:06 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Right, I had to do that too, until recently. It seems to be defaulting to Wayland now without setting it manually.

Mac OS and Windows should switch to Wayland too. Because I said so.

[#] Tue Jun 06 2023 08:12:57 EDT from Nurb432

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Kids these days. 

FQA 8 - Using 9front

[#] Fri Jun 09 2023 14:41:31 EDT from LadySerenaKitty

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[#] Fri Jun 09 2023 14:52:38 EDT from Nurb432

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A lot of people are not fans of Linus. 

He often acts like a self righteous prick. Not uncommon behavior for those sorts of folks in the industry but does not excuse it.

[#] Sat Jun 10 2023 11:57:16 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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He acts like a self-righteous prick because he *is* a self-righteous prick.
He should go back to Finland.

Linus should stick to software and not get involved in social issues, especially now that he has proven that he is utterly incompetent about them.

[#] Sat Jun 10 2023 13:10:51 EDT from Nurb432

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Really most people should, especially companies ( and he sort of is one since his purpose in life is to manage kernel commits ).. They should just make their widgets and go home.

Sat Jun 10 2023 11:57:16 AM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Linus should stick to software and not get involved in social issues, 


[#] Sat Jun 10 2023 13:11:43 EDT from Nurb432

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So i see Debian Bookworm is officially released. 

[#] Sat Jun 17 2023 08:09:42 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I wonder how much funding Canonical gives to Debian? Or if they just participate by doing development and just push their work upstream?

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