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[#] Wed Feb 17 2021 17:30:58 EST from rss <>

Subject: 5 reasons to use Linux package managers

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In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I'll share 21 different reasons to use Linux. Today, I'll talk about software repositoriesread more

[#] Wed Feb 17 2021 18:48:14 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Use Docker Stack to Deploy Docker Containers

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Learn how to use Docker Stack to Deploy Docker Containers, including how to deploy Wordpress using Docker

[#] Wed Feb 17 2021 20:04:29 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Scan/Detect New LUNs and SCSI Disks on Linux

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When building a Linux server, it is inevitable to map the storage to save any database and application files which require more storage space. This quick article shows how to scan new LUNs in Linux systems such as RHEL, CentOS and Oracle Linux.

[#] Wed Feb 17 2021 21:20:44 EST from rss <>

Subject: i.MX8M Nano appears on Raspberry Pi-like SBC

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Avnet’s “MaaXBoard Nano” SBC runs Android or Linux on an i.MX8M Nano with 1GB DDR4, 16GB eMMC, GbE, WiFi/BT, MIPI-DSI/CSI, 4x USB 2.0, and 40-pin GPIO. In 2019, Avnet’s Embest unit launched a $60 MaaXBoard SBC featuring NXP’s i.MX8M and followed up last year with a similar MaaXBoard Mini based on the i.MX8M Mini. Now, […]

[#] Wed Feb 17 2021 22:39:01 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Gradle Build-Tool on Ubuntu 20.04

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Gradle is a well-known software build-tool that is mostly used for development in Java, C++, and Swift. By combining all of the best features of Ant and Maven, it brings the best development practices to its users.

[#] Wed Feb 17 2021 23:55:19 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to create an SFTP-enabled Server on AWS

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AWS Transfer Family supports Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), File Transfer Protocol over SSL (FTPS), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to transfer files to and from AWS S3 or AWS EFS(Elastic File System). In this article, we will see the steps to create an SFTP-enabled server on AWS which will be accessible publicly.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 01:11:31 EST from rss <>

Subject: Tiny Core Linux 12.0 Released with Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS, Many Improvements

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The Tiny Core Linux 12.0 distribution has been released today as a major update to one of the smallest and modular GNU/Linux operating systems featuring community built extensions.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 02:12:31 EST from rss <>

Subject: Devuan adds third init option in sixth birthday release

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Veteran Unix Admins offer new cut of system-free Debian derivative and get the name right this timeDevuan, the Linux distribution that came into being after the 2014 disagreement over Debian’s adoption of the systemd as the operating system’s init daemon, has celebrated its sixth anniversary by adding a third init option.…

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 03:28:46 EST from rss <>

Subject: GitHub Sponsors Expands to Help Open Source Developers Make More Money

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The crowdsourced-support program for independent FOSS devs opens doors to corporate sponsorship.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 04:45:01 EST from rss <>

Subject: Archbox Makes It Easy To Install Software From Arch Linux On Other Linux Distributions

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Archbox is a set of scripts that make it easy to install Arch Linux inside a chroot environment on other Linux distributions, and integrate it with your existing Linux installation.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 06:01:16 EST from rss <>

Subject: Run A Second Linux Desktop With QEMU and KVM

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Great for testing and great for beginners, run multiple Linux distributions on one machine with UI-driven virtualisation.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 07:17:31 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Friendica Social Network Platform on Ubuntu 20.04

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Friendica is a free, open-source and decentralized social networking platform that helps you to build and maintain your own social networking projects. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Friendica with Apache and Let's Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 20.04.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 08:33:46 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Upgrade to KDE Plasma 5.21 from 5.20

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The KDE team announced the release of KDE Plasma 5.21 with many new features. In this quick guide, we explain the steps to upgrade to KDE Plasma 5.21 from 5.20. And give you a quick post update feedback.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 09:50:01 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Odoo 12 on Ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx as a Reverse Proxy

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Odoo (formerly OpenERP) is a simple and intuitive suite of open-source enterprise management applications such as Website Builder, eCommerce, CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Project and Warehouse Management, Human Resources, Marketing, and many more. Odoo comes in two editions, the Community edition which is free, and the Enterprise edition. In our case, we will install and use the Community edition. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of installing Odoo 12 on Ubuntu 18.04. We will also install Nginx and configure it as a reverse proxy.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 10:51:02 EST from rss <>

Subject: 5 must-have Linux media players

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In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I[he]#039[/he]ll share 21 different reasons to use Linux. Playing media is one of my favorite reasons to use Linux.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 12:07:16 EST from rss <>

Subject: Understanding Standard Deviation With Python

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Standard deviation is a way to measure the variation of data. Check out this post about how can one use Python to code standard deviation.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 13:23:32 EST from rss <>

Subject: Red Hat Summit 2021 Preview

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On April 27-28, the first of three online conferences that will all wear the Red Hat Summit 2021 banner will be held.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 14:39:47 EST from rss <>

Subject: GNOME 3.38.4 Released with More GNOME Shell, Mutter, and Wayland Improvements

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Matthias Clasen announced today the general availability of GNOME 3.38.4 as the fourth maintenance update to the latest GNOME 3.38 desktop environment series.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 15:57:03 EST from rss <>

Subject: How to Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 20.04 and CentOS 8

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MongoDB is an open-source and cross-platform NoSQL database system developed by MongoDB Inc. It is 100 times faster than a traditional database system like RDMS. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install MongoDB on Ubuntu 20.04 and CentOS 8.

[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 17:13:17 EST from rss <>

Subject: mkws - Static Site Generation With The Shell

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Today I'm looking at something a little different. Rarely (or ever?) do I take a look at static website generators on here, but mkws is a bit of a special case. mkws is a static site generator (SSG) created by Adrian Emil Grigore, written in nothing but the good old shell. No, not BASH, but sh. Well technically it includes a couple of minimal binaries, but we'll get to that in a moment.

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