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[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 11:48:05 EDT from rss

Subject: Linux kernel coders propose inclusive terminology coding guidelines, note: 'Arguments about why people should not be offended do not scale'

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Move won't fix 'brutal system of human misery' but aims to encourage participationIn the light of the 2020 "global reckoning on race relations" the Linux kernel developers have stepped up with proposed new inclusive terminology guidelines for their coding community.…

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 11:48:06 EDT from rss

Subject: This Week in Linux 108: Linux Mint 20, openSUSE 15.2, CutiePi Raspberry Pi Tablet, and more!

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On TWinL 108: Linux Mint 20, openSUSE Leap 15.2, CutiePi (Raspberry Pi Tablet), Ubuntu Touch on more devices, Ubuntu Rolling Release, Name Change Coming, Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 11:48:06 EDT from rss

Subject: Set up Vim as your Rust IDE

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The Rust programming language is designed to implement systems programming with safe concurrency and high memory performance in a way that feels familiar to C++ developers. It's also one of the most loved programming languages in Stack Overflow's 2019 Developer more

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 11:48:06 EDT from rss

Subject: Meet RecApp, a New Screen Recording App for Linux Desktop

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RecApp is a simple open-source screen recorder tool. It doesn’t boast of huge features but gives you enough to record your screen with a simple user interface.

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 12:53:31 EDT from rss

Subject: What you need to know about hash functions

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There is a tool in the security practitioner's repertoire that's helpful for everyone to understand, regardless of what they do with computers: cryptographic hash functions. That may sound mysterious, technical, and maybe even boring, but I have a concise explanation of what hashes are and why they matter to more

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 14:10:57 EDT from rss

Subject: Troubleshooting handshake errors in OpenShift

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Have you ever received a TLSHandshake error when connecting to OpenShift? Here are some ways to resolve it.

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 15:28:54 EDT from rss

Subject: Why I stick with xterm

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What's my terminal of choice?I use xterm. That's right, xterm. It may seem like an old school choice, and I do use GNOME 3 now as well, but after many years of trying some and ignoring others, then going back to old standbys, I find I don't need (or like) newer stuff like GNOME Terminal.My philosophy: Start simple, improve over time, and aim for productivity.Background and foregroundI start up xterm with this script:read more

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 16:50:32 EDT from rss

Subject: How to integrate ONLYOFFICE and Seafile within UCS

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In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to easily integrate ONLYOFFICE and Seafile within Univention Corporate Server.

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 17:56:54 EDT from rss

Subject: KDE Plasma 5.19.3 Desktop Environment Arrives with More Than 30 Changes

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The KDE Project announced today the general availability of KDE Plasma 5.19.3 as the third of five point releases to the latest and greatest KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop environment series.

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 19:14:25 EDT from rss

Subject: buntu 20.04

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Steam is a cross-platform entertainment platform developed by Valve Corporation for purchasing and playing video games. It gives you access to thousands of games and allows you to meet new people. This article explains how to install the Steam client on Ubuntu 20.04.

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 20:33:08 EDT from rss

Subject: Extra commas in a CSV

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Every once in a while I'm given a haunted CSV to audit. It looks like it contains the ghosts of entries that were once in right-hand-side columns and bottom-most rows, but were later deleted, leaving long strings of commas.

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 21:35:23 EDT from "rss" <i 6, and 5G>

Subject: Atom C3000 net appliance offers options for 10GbE, PoE, WiFi 6, and 5G

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Advantech’s fanless, -20 to 70°C tolerant “FWA-1112VC” net appliance runs Linux on an Atom C3000 with 6x GbE or 4x GbE with 2x 10GbE SFP+ ports along with optional PoE and 3x M.2 for SATA, WiFi 6, and 4G/5G. Advantech has announced a highly customizable, IP40-protected desktop networking system with extended temperature support. The FWA-1112VC […]

[#] Tue Jul 07 2020 22:51:52 EDT from rss

Subject: LibreOffice community protests at promotion of paid-for editions, board says: 'LibreOffice will always be free software'

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Enterprise edition ahoy as project tries to puzzle out its business model. The LibreOffice community has protested at the appearance of a "personal edition" label in the forthcoming version 7.0 of the hitherto free office suite, and the suggestion that paid-for enterprise editions are in the pipeline.…

[#] Wed Jul 08 2020 00:10:58 EDT from rss

Subject: SparkyLinux 5.12 Released with Epiphany Browser, Openbox Noir, and More

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SparkyLinux 5.12 has been released today as a new maintenance update in the stable series of this desktop-oriented, Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution for your personal computer.

[#] Wed Jul 08 2020 01:27:48 EDT from rss

Subject: All About CLAs and DCOs

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Developers almost never have anything good to say about Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) or Developer Certificates of Origin (DCOs), but we're stuck with them anyway, so it helps to understand why they exist and what the differences are between them.

[#] Wed Jul 08 2020 02:29:49 EDT from rss

Subject: Getting Things GNOME To-Do App Is Back with a New Major Release, Here

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Jeff Fortin Tam announced today the revival and general availability of a new version of the Getting Things GNOME free and open-source to-do list and personal tasks application.

[#] Wed Jul 08 2020 03:47:42 EDT from rss

Subject: Use systemd timers instead of cronjobs

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I am in the process of converting my cron jobs to systemd timers. I have used timers for a few years, but usually, I learned just enough to perform the task I was working on. While doing research for this systemd series, I learned that systemd timers have some very interesting capabilities.

[#] Wed Jul 08 2020 05:06:14 EDT from rss

Subject: VR hits a new milestone, Mozillas growing open source voice library, change in Redis maintainers, and more open source news

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In this week’s edition of our open source news roundup, Mozilla updates its open source voice stack, a tool to tame VR cybersickness, and more open source news.

[#] Wed Jul 08 2020 06:24:06 EDT from rss

Subject: How to Install Vanilla Forums with Apache and Let's Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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Vanilla Forums is a free and open-source community forum software written in PHP. It is a simple, flexible, customizable and multi-lingual that provides all of the features you need to run a successful forum.

[#] Wed Jul 08 2020 07:42:26 EDT from rss

Subject: Open frame panel PCs run on Kaby Lake-U

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Adlink’s rugged, 7- to 21.5-inch “SP-KL Series” panel PCs run Ubuntu or Win 10 on 7th Gen U-series processors with SATA, M.2, mini-PCIe, PCIe x4, DP++, 2x GbE, 2x USB, and Adlink’s optional Function Modules. Adlink has announced a 7th Gen Kaby Lake U-series SP-KL Series counterpart to its almost identical, Intel Apollo Lake based […]

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