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[#] Mon May 02 2022 09:15:04 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Unity Desktop Environment Will Receive Its First Major Update in 6 Years

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Unity 7.6 will be the first major version of Unity in six years, with the previous release in May 2016. It has a redesigned look, with elements like the dash and HUD having a flatter UI while retaining the blur.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 10:33:22 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Nvidia starts laying groundwork for future open and parallel code

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Gearing up to go full stack, firm spends time on standards, open-source communitiesGraphics processors are becoming a must-have in computing, so Nvidia is stepping up its work with standards and open-source communities to downstream technologies once largely exclusive to the company's development tools.…

[#] Mon May 02 2022 11:51:36 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Echo Command in Linux

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Learn about the echo command in Linux using practical examples.It is used to print the specified argument on the screen and print variable values

[#] Mon May 02 2022 12:53:40 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Improvements to Fedora Docs

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The Docs team is experiencing a new burst of energy. As part of this, we have several big improvements to the Fedora Docs site that we want to share. Searchable docs For years, readers have asked for search. We have a lot of documentation on the site, but you sometimes struggle to find what you’re looking for. With the new search feature, […]

[#] Mon May 02 2022 13:54:38 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Google Forms

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Google Forms is a survey administration software included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 14:57:40 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install and Use PHP Composer on Ubuntu 20.04

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Composer is a dependency manager tool for PHP especially designed to install and update project dependencies. It installs all required packages that are compatible with the PHP project.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 15:44:27 EDT from rss <>

Subject: dahliaOS - A Unique Linux Distribution Based on Google Fuchsia First Look

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Our first look at the dahliaOS Alpha version, based on Google's Fuchsia operating system.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 16:47:29 EDT from rss <>

Subject: WordPress 6.0 Soon To Be Released With these new Features

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WordPress 6.0 will be released very soon with a great number of features. They have already released three beta versions of the next release, giving us a good idea of what will be new in WordPress 6.0.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 18:06:47 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Firefox 100 Is Now Available for Download, Enables GTK Overlay Scrollbars on Linux

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Yes, Firefox 100 is finally here, and it looks like it was approved for release by Mozilla on May 3rd, 2022, but you can download it right now from the official channels if you can’t wait to enjoy the new features and improvements.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 19:23:03 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How To Access Linux Partitions From Windows 10 Using Linux Reader

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This guide explains how to access Linux partitions from Windows 10 and transfer the data from Linux partitions to Windows using a freeware named Linux reader.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 20:41:18 EDT from rss <>

Subject: 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: May 1st, 2022

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The eighty-three installment of the 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup is here for the week ending on May 1st, 2022, keeping you guys up to date with the most important things happening in the Linux world.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 21:44:21 EDT from rss <>

Subject: 10 Argo CD best practices I follow

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My DevOps journey kicked off when I started developing Datree, an open source command that aims to help DevOps engineers to prevent Kubernetes misconfigurations from reaching production. One year later, seeking best practices and more ways to prevent misconfigurations became my way of life.

[#] Mon May 02 2022 23:01:37 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install MySQL on Ubuntu 22.04

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How to Install MySQL on Ubuntu 22.04. MySQL is the most popular open-source relational database management system which is supported by a huge and active community of open source developers. It is available on over 20 platforms and operating systems including Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 00:19:56 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Install this Window Manager written in C++

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With settings similar to i3wm and gaps like bspwm.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 01:22:55 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Webuzo v3 on Ubuntu 20.04

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Webuzo is a hosting control panel that allows the developers and administrators to easily manage their domains, create databases, deploy a variety of applications create users and etc.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 02:40:11 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Anbernic RG503 a Rockchip based handheld game console with a 4.95� OLED screen

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Anbernic launched a handheld gaming console built around the Rockchip RK3566 Arm processor. The device has a Samsung 4.95” OLED screen. The RG503 was shown as out of stock shortly after its initial release, however they seem back in stock for $150.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 03:57:42 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to make community recognition more inclusive

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Look beyond metrics to ensure that all contributions are valued. When everyone feels like they have a home where they're appreciated, community members will be encouraged to stay engaged.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 05:14:57 EDT from rss <>

Subject: Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) Latest Release Brings PolicyKit Support and Updates

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Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) brings the latest application updates, bug fixes, and enhancements to its release Trinity R14.0.12.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 06:32:13 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Gitea Code Hosting using Docker on Rocky Linux 8

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Gitea is a self-hosted code hosting service similar to Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab. In this article, you will learn to install Gitea using Docker on a Rocky Linux 8 server.

[#] Tue May 03 2022 07:49:30 EDT from rss <>

Subject: How to Install Node.js with NVM and Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04

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In this guide you are going to learn how install specific version of Node.js using NVM and configure Nginx and secure the installation using Let’s Encrypt.

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