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[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:58:41 EST from rss

Subject: U.S. negotiators ask for further talks in Paris

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Citing difficulties with South Vietnamese President Thieu, U.S. negotiators cable Hanoi requesting further negotiations in Paris over the proposed draft peace accord. Thieu felt that he was being sold out by the United States to secure a peace agreement at any terms. President Richard Nixon and ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:53:13 EST from rss

Subject: 1st Cavalry Division launches Operation Silver Bayonet

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In action following the clash at the Plei Me Special Forces camp 30 miles southwest of Pleiku earlier in the month, the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) launches Operation Silver Bayonet. U.S. troops, in conjunction with South Vietnamese forces, sought to destroy North Vietnamese forces operating ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:37:03 EST from rss

Subject: Carter homers to win World Series

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On October 23, 1993, Toronto Blue Jay Joe Carter does what every kid dreams of—he wins the World Series for his team by whacking a ninth-inning home run over the SkyDome’s left-field wall. It was the first time the World Series had ended with a home run since Pittsburgh’s Bill Mazeroski homered to ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:32:49 EST from rss

Subject: President Benjamin Harrison extends borders of Nebraska

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On this day in 1890, Benjamin Harrison issues a proclamation that extends the northern boundary of Nebraska into the Dakota territory. The decree also declares that all Indian claims to Nebraska territory have been officially “extinguished.” Harrison was the grandson of famed Indian fighter and ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:16:04 EST from rss

Subject: American fur traders turn over Astoria, Oregon, to the British

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On this day in 1813, the Americans operating the Pacific Fur Company trading post in Astoria, Oregon, turn the post over to their rivals in the British North West Company, and for the next three decades Britons dominate the fur trade of the Pacific Northwest. The town and fur trading post at ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 12:09:53 EST from rss

Subject: Michael Crichton is born

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On this day in 1942, Michael Crichton is born in Chicago. Crichton, the son of the executive editor of Advertising Age, was raised in Roslyn, Long Island. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard, then taught anthropology at Cambridge in England. He returned to Harvard for medical school but wrote ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:57:05 EST from rss

Subject: Johnny Carson is born

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On this day in 1925, John William Carson, who will become known to most of America as the longtime host of the popular late-night TV program The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, is born in Corning, Iowa. As host of the highly rated Tonight Show, which aired on NBC from 1962 to 1992, Carson ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:43:18 EST from rss

Subject: Gas leak kills 23 at plastics factory

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On this day in 1989, 23 people die in a series of explosions sparked by an ethylene leak at a factory in Pasadena, Texas. The blasts, which took place at a Phillips Petroleum Company plant, were caused by inadequate safety procedures. A polyethylene reactor at the Phillips 66 Chemical Complex in ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:10:48 EST from rss

Subject: Battle of Westport, Missouri

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On this day in 1864, Confederate General Sterling Price’s raid on Missouri nearly turns into disaster when his army is pinned between two Union forces at Westport, Missouri, near Kansas City. Although outnumbered, Price’s forcesmanaged to slip safely away after the Battle of Westport, which was the ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:01:08 EST from rss

Subject: Hungarian protest turns violent

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Thousands of Hungarians erupt in protest against the Soviet presence in their nation and are met with armed resistance. Organized demonstrations by Hungarian citizens had been ongoing since June 1956, when signs of political reform in Poland raised the possibility for such changes taking place in ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:46:19 EST from rss

Subject: U.S. Embassy in Beirut hit by massive car bomb

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On this day, a suicide bomber drives a truck filled with 2,000 pounds of explosives into a U.S. Marine Corps barracks at the Beirut International Airport. The explosion killed 220 Marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers. A few minutes after that bomb went off, a second bomber drove into the basement ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:28:25 EST from rss

Subject: British fleet suffers defeat at Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania

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On this day in 1777, a British Royal Navy fleet of ships, trying to open up supply lines along the Delaware River and the occupying British army in Philadelphia, is bombarded by American cannon fire and artillery from Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Six British ships were severely damaged, including ...

[#] Thu Nov 05 2009 06:35:01 EST from rss

Subject: Soviets switch commanders in drive to halt Germans

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On this day in 1941, chief of the Soviet general staff, Georgi K. Zhukov, assumes command of Red Army operations to stop the German advance into the heart of Russia. Zhukov’s military career began during World War I, when he served with the Imperial Russian Army. He then joined the Red Army in ...

[#] Thu Oct 22 2009 11:45:43 EDT from rss

Subject: An abortion-performing doctor is murdered

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Doctor Barnett Slepian is shot to death inside his home in Amherst, New York, by an anti-abortion radical, marking the fifth straight year that a doctor who was willing to perform abortions in upstate New York and Canada had been the victim of a sniper attack. Slepian and his family had just ...

[#] Tue Jul 20 2010 12:54:24 EDT from rss

Subject: U.N. formally established

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Less than two months after the end of World War II, the United Nations is formally established with the ratification of the United Nations Charter by the five permanent members of the Security Council and a majority of other signatories. Despite the failure of the League of Nations in arbitrating ...

[#] Tue Jul 20 2010 12:54:10 EDT from rss

Subject: Thirty Years War ends

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The Treaty of Westphalia is signed, ending the Thirty Years War and radically shifting the balance of power in Europe. The Thirty Years War, a series of wars fought by European nations for various reasons, ignited in 1618 over an attempt by the king of Bohemia (the future Holy Roman emperor ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:30:56 EST from rss

Subject: The Concorde makes its final flight

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The supersonic Concorde jet makes its last commercial passenger flight, traveling at twice the speed of sound from New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to London’s Heathrow Airport on this day in 2003. The British Airways jet carried 100 passengers, including actress Joan Collins, ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:25:08 EST from rss

Subject: Burton buys Liz a diamond

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Movie star Richard Burton dazzles wife Elizabeth Taylor—and their legions of fans—when he buys her a 69-carat Cartier diamond ring costing $1.5 million. It was just another chapter in a tempestuous marriage that began on the Ides of March and continued thereafter in the public eye. Taylor and ...

[#] Tue Nov 24 2009 13:03:40 EST from rss

Subject: First barrel ride down Niagara Falls

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On this day in 1901, a 63-year-old schoolteacher named Annie Edson Taylor becomes the first person to take the plunge over Niagara Falls in a barrel. After her husband died in the Civil War, the New York-born Taylor moved all over the U. S. before settling in Bay City, Michigan, around 1898. In ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 07:40:44 EST from rss

Subject: The United Nations is born

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On this day in 1945, the United Nations Charter, which was adopted and signed on June 26, 1945, is now effective and ready to be enforced. The United Nations was born of perceived necessity, as a means of better arbitrating international conflict and negotiating peace than was provided for by the ...

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