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[#] Tue May 14 2019 10:36:08 EDT from Paul28 @ Uncensored

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Mon May 13 2019 23:00:51 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

In fact, looking at it... I think this is the order: 

sudo apt install apache2 db4.8-util javascript-common libjs-prototype libjs-scriptaculous libmarkdown2 libsieve2-1 tinymce libdb-dev build-essential curl g++ gettext shared-mime-info libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libical-dev libldb-dev libldap2-dev expat libexpat1-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev

to prepare 


Easy Install requires a working build environment. This is installed by default on many Linux distributions. [But not Pi] Otherwise, to install a build environment use the following commands (as root):

apt-get update apt-get install build-essential curl g++ gettext shared-mime-info libssl-dev zlib1g-dev

Then run Easy Install the normal way:

curl | bash (Although I think I was using curl | sh instead of bash shell... although I don't know if piping it through one shell or the other makes a difference.) 


This compiles Citadel so will take some time. If this seems not to work just run again. this time is very fast, and will let you do the setup.

Using the configuration described here:

And then downloading and compiling, making and installing the cit-text client as described above, then copying it to usr/local/citadel from the /home directory it got installed in because I'm a n00b. 

I'll pick up another Pi 3B and try and make a more comprehensive doc soon. 


Thank you so much, this really did it for me !!! I hope to configure the mailserver as safe as possible. Any suggestions ?

I did think about to try Certbot, but I'm not sure this will work with either my Apache2 or Webcit webservers wich both are installed on my system.


Thanks again !

Best regards,


[#] Tue May 14 2019 14:56:48 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

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Well, I have mine set up really as a BBS, with all the mail features disabled in the configuration. But that is a basic BKM for security - disable everything you don't need or intend to use, and only expose those ports which are required. 

If you're not familiar with enterprise security - do some research on exposing ports through your firewall. The less open ports visible from the outside, the better. The more secure/encrypted the ports (HTTPS/SSL/SSH versus HTTP/Telnet, for example) the better. Don't run anything under the default account - in fact, disable that account and create a new account to run the BBS, and use strong passwords. Don't just dump it into the DMZ with every service running. Also, try to isolate it from your regular LAN using vlans or other segmenting/subnet solutions so that if it gets compromised, it isn't necessarily a single hop from there back onto your internal network. 

It looks like there are a couple of additional things, ClamAV and SpamAssassin 

That are described here - that you should set up if you're running a mail server.

But even then - the guy who is determined to get in is probably better at breaking through system vulnerabilities than you are at defending yourself from them. 

[#] Tue May 14 2019 14:59:39 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

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So for example, if you have Raspbian installed - you probably have Apache installed and running by default, and it should be either disabled or completely removed - because even if it isn't exposed externally, having it up and running could present a compromise to your security that wouldn't be there if you had disabled it. And basically, it is very difficult to know what to do unless you're an expert in the platform - and if you're asking, you're not... 

Me either - though. I am no expert in Linux, Cit-Server for *nix, or Raspbian for Raspberry Pi. 



[#] Thu May 16 2019 13:48:53 EDT from jorge @ Uncensored

Subject: Installing citadel in alpine linux with easy install

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I have been trying to install citadel in alpine linux (a musl libc distribution, using either version 3.8, with gcc 6.X, or version 3.9 with gcc 8.X). Installation fails linking webcit with the following error:

LD: webcit
webcit.o: In function `authorization_required':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/webcit.c:357: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/webcit.c:365: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
webcit.o: In function `session_loop':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/webcit.c:692: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/webcit.c:697: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
auth.o: In function `initialize_axdefs':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/auth.c:30: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
auth.o:/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/auth.c:33: more undefined references to `libintl_gettext' follow
gettext.o: In function `go_selected_language':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:274: undefined reference to `libintl_textdomain'
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:274: undefined reference to `libintl_textdomain'
gettext.o: In function `stop_selected_language':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:289: undefined reference to `libintl_textdomain'
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:289: undefined reference to `libintl_textdomain'
gettext.o: In function `initialize_locales':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:381: undefined reference to `libintl_textdomain'
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:382: undefined reference to `libintl_bind_textdomain_codeset'
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:383: undefined reference to `libintl_textdomain'
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:383: undefined reference to `libintl_bindtextdomain'
gettext.o: In function `TmplGettext':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/gettext.c:442: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
downloads.o: In function `download_file':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/downloads.c:287: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
ical_subst.o: In function `render_MIME_ICS_TPL':
/tmp/citadel-build.21003/webcit/ical_subst.c:231: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [Makefile:74: webcit] Error 1


I have found a simple fix in the Makefile of webcit, which amounts to move "-lintl" from LDFLAGS to LIBS.


It would be great to have this change added upstream, as this will enable easy_install to work in alpine. The great feature of alpine linux is that a minimal installation with citadel installed occupies less than 10MB. This is particularly interesting when used for building lxd containers (my use case). The steps to reproduce this error in an ubuntu 18.04 host are:

# Create and start a minimal alpine lxd container

sudo lxc launch images:alpine/3.9/amd64 citadel

# Open a shell within alpine container enviroment

sudo lxc exec citadel-alpine sh

# Install citadel build dependencies

apk add alpine-sdk zlib-dev shared-mime-info gettext gettext-dev openssl-dev openldap-dev expat-dev curl-dev libical-dev

# Build and install citadel: this step fails on webcit linkage

wget -q -O - | sh

[#] Thu May 16 2019 13:51:53 EDT from jorge @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Installing citadel in alpine linux with easy install

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Sorry, there was a typo, where it says:

sudo lxc exec citadel-alpine sh

it should be

sudo lxc exec citadel sh


Here, citadel only stands for the name given to the container

[#] Fri May 17 2019 03:15:55 EDT from jorge @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Installing citadel in alpine linux with easy install

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Hi again,

after installation in alpine container, citadel server is running correctly, but webcit segfaults on launch with this message in syslog

webcit[1869]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fa1ea2e85d0 sp 00007ffd6bef4cd0 error 4 in[7fa1ea2dc000+45000]

When launched interactively in the command line. When launched demonize it will keep respawining but would never be able to acquire a network port

I will try an ubuntu easyinstall and an alpine git install to try to diagnose the origin. Any pointers would be wellcome.





[#] Fri May 17 2019 12:43:48 EDT from loneuser @ Uncensored

Subject: Spam Assasian

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I've just installed spamassassin after using citadel for a number of years. When the spam score exceeds the spam level i set in spamassassin, the mail is just rejected. Is there a way citadel will file it to another folder (or a way to configure spamassassin to do this) rather than just reject? I'm also trying to get the spam score added to the subject / mail headers but haven't been able to do so despite changes to the file.

[#] Fri May 17 2019 14:50:13 EDT from @ Uncensored

Subject: General Questions about Citadel

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I have the following questions about Citadel:

  • Can multi-language support be presented at the login page instead of after?
  • Can we eliminate self-registration?
  • Can we hide some features we don't wish to support - calendar, notes, tasks, view users currently logged in, self-configuration of visible features?
  • Can we have a system-wide address book managed by an "administrator"?


Please let me know if any of these are possible.



[#] Sat May 18 2019 03:26:08 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

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Got another Pi. Have it set up with Raspian. Learned how to make screenshots. Going to try installing Citadel - hopefully this weekend, and make an install doc. It won't be complete, accurate, or very smart from a Linux expert's view - but it'll be a start and should work. Hopefully someone more experienced than me will take it and make it something really useful. 



[#] Sat May 18 2019 03:28:41 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

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Can any of you tell me why attachments don't show inline on my BBS, why I can't upload a picture and make it a link - but I can insert an image posted somewhere else and it shows inline on my BBS? 



[#] Sat May 18 2019 15:21:46 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

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Is there a way I can set up the same RSS feeds you have here on my Citadel to increase the content for my callers? Is there a document or howto you can point me towards, and - how do I find out the info for your specific RSS feeds... 

[#] Sun May 19 2019 09:18:58 EDT from jdw @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Lost all my mail filters

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Happened again this morning. All my mail filters are gonzo this morning.

That's twice so it's not a random thing. Anyone else seeing this?

Tue Apr 23 2019 07:55:39 EDT from jdw @ Uncensored Subject: Lost all my mail filters

I woke up this morning to an insane inbox. Looked at my mail filters and they were all gone. No indication of what could have happened in the logs - system works great otherwise.

Anyone else seen anything like this?


[#] Tue May 21 2019 01:29:42 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

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Or, conversely, can someone point me to where the image files, say - userpic for the user bio... is supposed to be uploaded? Is it stored as a flat file on the file system or is it dumped into some custom relational database when it is uploaded?

[#] Tue May 28 2019 20:03:10 EDT from dlee425 @ Uncensored

Subject: Is there a way to add fidonet to Citadel

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I was wondering if Fidonet or Dovenet can be added.




[#] Thu May 30 2019 02:00:48 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Is there a way to add fidonet to Citadel

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STFU Donnie! 



[#] Thu May 30 2019 09:50:17 EDT from jay1962 @ Uncensored

Subject: Email attachments corrupted

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Citadel installed on a raspberry pi 3+. I use it on a standalone mesh network for classroom training. Email attachments are key to what we are doing. They are corrupted just going from one account to another without leaving the closed network. By corrupted I mean they can’t be read by the original program. I tried text files and libre doc files. This issue must have been addressed but I can’t find any info about remedies. Suggestions welcomed.

[#] Thu May 30 2019 15:42:52 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Email attachments corrupted

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I'm getting similar results with attachments using Citadel as a BBS. Do this... go to "Advanced", "edit your online photo" and upload a picture. That should be broken. Make a room in the web-cit interface. Post a message in the Webcit client in a room, and add a file attachment, it should be broken too. 

Ignatus has acknowledged that there are things that are broken - and this may be one of those things. 

I have found that if I make a room, make it a file directory room, and upload a file to it that way, the file is not corrupted. 


[#] Thu May 30 2019 15:43:25 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Email attachments corrupted

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Also on a Raspberry Pi, running Rasperian Stretch. 


[#] Thu May 30 2019 19:00:55 EDT from jay1962 @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Email attachments corrupted

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Many thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I am looking for an easy way to use email with attachments. Citadel seemed like an ideal solution. If there is no straightforward fix, I will have to try another webmail approach or go back to using ClearOS with Thunderbird as a client. That means not using raspberry pi platforms which are very convenient for portable classroom use compared to laptops or small form-factor desktop boxes. I hope someone with the appropriate skills, definitely not me, will eventually resolve the attachment issue. Citadel development began in a different form in 1987 if my understanding is correct. Seems like 30+ years should be enough time to get attachments working. But maybe I am among only a few for whom attachments are a key component. Thank you again. 

[#] Fri May 31 2019 02:18:40 EDT from ParanoidDelusions @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Email attachments corrupted

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Attachments simply weren't a thing when Citadel originated on CP/M - all the way through the first versions of Citadel-UX. 

This is an entirely different beast - with just a historical attachment to the original Citadel code. 

I ran a Cit 86 BBS in 1987. 

Anyhow... I suspect it is a permissions or setup issue - because it works for IG here - and I suspect it has to do with Raspbian defaults. I don't think it is so much a Citadel issue as a Linux issue - and someone who really knows their way around Linux could probably fix it fairly easily. I've had family and friends in town staying over for two weeks now - but I have a Pi all ready to go with Raspbian and I'm going to install and set up Citadel with what I've learned and see if that fixes the problems I've encountered. I intend to make a setup doc. That may solve our problem - but it is about two weeks out at the earliest. 


Stay tuned. 


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