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[#] Thu Aug 17 2017 18:57:58 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Sounds like someone has a teenager driving places...

[#] Thu Aug 17 2017 19:21:52 EDT from zooer

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Thu Aug 17 2017 06:16:05 PM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar
I liked Google's first attempt, which was Google Latitude. They got it mostly right, I think, but they insisted on tinkering with it and there's no useable equivalent in their gWhatever suite right now.

Life360 seems to get it just about right. It shows the location of everyone in your circle, and delivers an alert whenever someone begins or ends a trip.
They were also clever enough to include reporting of everyone's battery charge, allowing you to determine when someone probably ran out of battery instead of they suddenly went off the air and maybe are in trouble.

As with any free/paid hybrid, the nags are annoying, but they're not unbearable, and the paid features do appear to have some value.

I will agree, Latitude was the best location sharing utility Google made, but I think having it integrated within Maps is fine.